Positives of Why Lance Should be Coming to College Park—Born Ready–It is Now Judgement Day!!!!

Well X is going to Kansas, so Lance’s Kansas dream has ended. It’s Judgement day for Lance.  Continued indecision will hurt Lance in many ways, Here are just some of the reasons Lance should come to Maryland.

Pros of Lance coming to Maryland

 —Look at Gary and Franchise (Steve Francis)–2nd pick in NBA draft

—Joe Smith 1st pick after sophomore season has been playing an integral part in the rush to finish for Cleveland.

—New York is the mecca of what–Lance do you honestly think a St John’s South Florida game in the Garden before 7500 is a big event

—the New York guys come to Maryland for Duke Md.

—NOBODY Goes to St John’s games in the garden

—Maybe if Louie was still coach but Norm Roberts

—If Greivis does not come back the ball will be in your hands—you will be surrounded by Experienced ACC players—your running mate will be Eric Hayes one of the most unselfish guys around–who relishes in the role of 2nd fiddle.

—You would be an instant legend in 2 cities Bmore and DC

–Maryland a tourney team wants you to fill a spot to help take us to the next level—St Johns –an NIT team

—You will get lost in the Big East shuffle with a 2nd division team like St John’s—

—Garden crowds can be tough whether or not you are double teamed

—Williams will bring you along at the right pace

—Maryland will not have the stay at home high school feel St Johns might

—If Greivis comes back you could very well be part of a final four team–how will it play out –i’ll leave it to the best game coach in the NCAA to figure it out—-after all it was Roy Williams who said he was thoroughly out coached by the Maestro Mr Gary Williams this year.

–Lance there are thousands of Maryland graduates in the NY area that will rejoice when you enroll at College Park–

—Your family wants you to get out of the city

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