SHOCKING NEWS: DeShawn Painter Commits to NC State

This one I can’t understand. According to Painter was influenced by his handlers to go to NC State. This guy though desired by the Terps might still be too frail for the ACC. NEXT!!!!

A new chapter to the Lance Stephens0n saga. He is now talking to Isiah Thomas the new coach of FIU. 

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  1. fkterp

    considering the number of top 75-100 players the terps are involved with for the 2010 class it might be better to hold that scholarship for one of those players. also from what i’ve read about painter is he’s more of an outside player where the terps needs guys who can mix it up effectively on the inside. i think you need a 4 man big man rotation to win at a high level.

    Reply ·   May 14, 2009

  2. Ryan

    What is wrong with these kids sometimes? So I guess he doesn’t want to have a shot at the NBA and is looking forward to 4 6-10 ACC seasons.

    Reply ·   May 14, 2009

    • Bruce

      Funny thing is Sidney Lowe’s job security is very shaky. Painter would have come here and played right away. I did hear he was a little frail.

      Reply ·   May 18, 2009

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