Terry Rupp No Longer Baseball Coach at Maryland

According to terrapintimes.com, Terry Rupp will not be back at the helm of Maryland Baseball in 2009. Most of Debbie Yow’s latest hirings have turned previously dormant programs around so I am anxious to see who she selects. The Terps finished 27-27 in 2009.

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  1. Diamondback Blogs | Rupp out as Terp Baseball coach?

    […] everything-Maryland blog published a post on May 28th citing terrapintimes.com, the Rivals affiliate for the Terrapins, as saying that Rupp […]

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. Kevin Dunlap

    It really is too bad that Terry resigned. He was a great coach for Maryland. He was competitive in most games with a team that was typically out matched with tier one talent. No matter what he does in my book, he will be a winner. I only hope that Debby uses this an an opportunity to continue to upgrade Shipley. When you look around the ACC, it seems like every program has a nice modern staduim to play in and show off to recruits. Shipley looks tired and worn out. Maryland’s new coach will have a lot to work with because of Terry’s efforts though. I just hope that the new guy coming in keeps Farr on the staff. He has done a lot for the program too and deserves to continue. That is if he wants to stay, It will be exciting to see the 2010 version of Terrapin baseball.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  3. Jason

    Kevin not only are you an idiot for thinking that Coach Rupp was a good coach you are an even bigger idiot for thinking he is a decent human being that cared about his players. Personally as a former Terp ball player I can tell you that Terry Rupp is only concerned with one thing, HIMSELF! I played for the man, the man who ran off 90 percent of players that resembled anything called talent. The process of promoting talent at Maryland was to take the 1 mile drive to Dematha high school and recruit all graduating seniors that had no business playing ACC baseball (excluding Brett Cecil). I have seen first hand the man Rupp is and the idiots he brings in to Coach with him, if you do not believe this ask anyone who had made it to the big leauges what they thought of him. Kevin Hart and Jason Maxwell both of whom thought he was a closed minded fool who was out for nothing but himself.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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