New Allegations Against Derrick Rose

First there was the SAT scandal. Now comes new from that grade changing might be involved with Derrick Rose. Does this cast any shadow on Calipari’s ability to get any recruit he wants. If he is involved what happens to Calipari and Kentucky?

At South Florida,  Jarrid Famous wants out because Coach Stan Heath did not inforn Famous about the departure of the coach who recruited Famous.

Gary, keep the program clean as you have done for over 20 years. Maryland does not  have to play the game by a different set of rules.

Maryland Basketball
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  1. Terplaw

    If you can…can you explain why is it that Calipari will be able to skate clean of this mess? Is it because he’s not been personally linked to this mess. I presume that if he were personally linked that UK would be smacked by the NCAA right?

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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