Vasquez Update: No Decision Yet–May Go Right Down to 5PM Deadline

From comes the info that Greivis Vasquez has been huddled most of the day with Coach Gary Williams and Montrose Christian Coach and legal US guardian, Stu Vetter. According to, Greivis is waiting for some sort of guarantee from an NBA team that he will indeed be selected in the draft. (My speculation would be that if it was a 2nd round there would be an analyzation of the team and high probabilities of making the team.)Apparently that guarantee has not been forthcoming yet, so there is still hope that Greivis returns for his Senior year. Greivis also has the European option available. This gut wrenching  career decision looks like it might go down to the 5PM wire on Monday. This kid has given all his heart to the University so I really hope he makes the best decision.

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  1. freddy in boca

    i don’t see how any team can guarantee vasquez that he is going to be drafted particulary because he’ll probably fall somewhere in the 2nd round. a lot can happen during the early part of the draft with trades changing teams needs and draft position.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. freddy in boca

    vasquz is coming back and that’s a smart decision he has a chance to make $4-7 million guaranteed if he has a real good senior yr. no need for “born masugganah”. use the scholarship for a quality kid for 2010. player to watch next yr. is steve goins. mark my words.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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