INEXCUSABLE!!!!! O’s Blow 4-0 Lead Again –Lose 3 out of 4 To LA

I will tell you what is inexcusable. Saturday night in the bottom of the 7th with the score tied at 4 (after blowing a 4-0 lead), Nick Markakis and Brian Roberts could not decide who should catch an easy pop up. A simple “I’ve got it” by one of them would have done the job. It is incredible that this could happen on a major league level and has to have Trembley pulling the hair out of this head. The 3 day All Star break should be used as a fundamentals camp or else the O’s will face 90 losses again.

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  1. freddy in boca

    the correct way to call for a ball..if the 2nd baseman wants to call for it he yells 2nd base 2nd base. if the right fileder wants it he yells right field. this way if 2-3 guys converge on the ball there’s no confusion or collisions by just yelling i’ve got it. it was a play a last play team makes more often than a playoff team. this team and really ever team should be taking infield (which includes outfield) practice before every game not just the first game of a series.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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