Terrapin Park—Before Old Oriole Park

Hey Bruce I stumbled across this while searching info. on Oriole Park that burned down July 3, 1944.  The last and by far the best known Oriole Park prior to Camden Yards started in life as TERRAPIN PARK.  It was the home field of the Baltimore Terrapins of the short-lived Federal League of 1914-1915.  Some of the Fed facilities, such as the eventual Wrigley Field, were made of steel and concrete, but Terrapin Park was made of wood, a fact that would prove to be its undoing and ironically boost Baltimore’s changes of returning to the major leagues.  The Fed only lasted two seasons, and the Orioles acquired the newer park in 1916 and renamed it Oriole Park, now retroactively labed Oriole Park V. You know me anything with the name Terrapin is of interest.  Just wanted to share it with you.  

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  1. Freddy in chilly Boca

    the reason oriole park is included in teh name at camden yards is because those in power when the ballpark was built thought if you just called the ballpark camden yards people would think of camden n.j. truth is most people fans ad most of those in the media all over the country refer to the ballpark as camden yards. i think “oriole park” should be dropped frm the name because we’ve already had an oriole park and like memorial stadium it’s history.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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