If Pete Rose is put on the ballot for the Hall of Fame, then Shoeless Joe Jackson should be made eligible.  As a player Rose should be a Hall of Famer.  By betting on games as a manager, no way.  The biggest faux pas in Major League Baseball is betting on games.  It doesn’t matter what you think but gambling on baseball is, and has always been, the NUMBER ONE thing you can’t do in baseball.  Shoeless Joe deserves a pass.  Here’s a guy he couldn’t read or write and really didn’t think for himself.  And, his performance in the 1919 World Series shows he played great.  My gut feeling is Pete Rose will never be admitted to the Hall as long as he is alive.  The Veterans Committee has always been very tough on any player who has made it to their group for consideration for the Hall.  If Pete had admitted to gambling years ago and not been so obnoxious he might have been given the opportunity to be voted on.  But Pete has been garbage, drek, crap,  for years and years.  And I truly think when he finally said I gambled on baseball it was completely phony.  The only reason Selig is thinking about letting Rose to be considered for the Hall is because his admiration and respect for Henry Aaron.  Anyone who makes an exhibition game the determining factor on what league gets home field advantage, as Bud has instituted, for the World Series, shouldn’t be taken very seriously.

Blog from Freddy from Boca 

Response from Bruce—-If the Hall of Fame was filled with perfect humans (see Ty Cobb), I would never allow Pete in, but my guess is sometime in the distant future when his incredible career is judged against  a few years of disaster as a manager, Pete will get in. It is disturbing that Pete might have effected games by a must win attitude on games he bet, but at least he always bet on his teams. I am 60-40 to let him in but time and positive actions by Pete will be the telling tale.

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  1. freddy from boca

    No question there are players in the Hall that have questionable character. But in baseball gambling on games is considered far and away the worse offense anyone can commit against the game. Evey clubhouse has a sign saying no gambling. There isn’t a sign saying no drugs, no abusive behavior, no fondling of barnyard animals. Only no gambling.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. freddy from boca

    don’t forget in games that pete bet on cincy he may have used relief pitchers who then may not have been available for the next game. by pulling out all stops or over managing one night to win a bet he may have compromised his teams chance of winning the next night. when you bet your emotions might take over and you would do things you may not normally do as a manager.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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