All is Not Lost for the Birds of Baltimore–Optimism from Boca

Yes, the Orioles lost today (Sunday 8-2-09) 18-10.  Just couldn’t get that last touchdown and the “A.F.L.” 2 pt. conversion to put the game in o.t. Sad isn’t it?  And the O’s are 4-12 since the All Star break.  And even those who agreed or disagreed with the Sherrill trade can’t even say if the former O’s closer was here he would have saved the game because since the “Brim Reaper” has been traded there has not been a chance for a save by an Orioles pitcher.  First of all, anyone who expected the Orioles to be competitive this year doesn’t know a thing about baseball. The Orioles hierarchy would even tell you, under truth sermon, that unless a miracle would happen for Charm City’s baseball team, this year was all about setting the table for the future.  I personally don’t think you should expect the Orioles to be a competitive team until mid-2010.  However, look what has happened since Peter Angelos hired Andy MacPhail  and has given MacPhail free reign to do his job.  The O’s have put together one of baseball’s best outfield’s, a solid double play combo, baseball’s number 1 prospect at catcher, and a young starting pitching staff, some still in the minors,, who, if they are successful, will put the Orioles in the pennant race.  Maybe not next year, but certainly in 2011.  The Orioles have been one of the worst run organizations in the sports world since the mid-80’s.  You can’t expect miracles in 2 years after 25 years of terrible management. Trust me, the future does look bright for the Orioles and their long-suffering fans.,,and I have been a fan since Arnie Portocarro was the Orioles first 15 game winner.  With just a little bit of luck the O’s will be contending in 2011 and playing good baseball by the middle of next year.  

From chilly Boca Raton, where the heat index is about 135, this is Terp Talk Southern United States reporter Freddy from Boca signing off.  

P.S, if the young starters fail to do the job all is lost. Abandon ship.and start a whiffle ball league.
Frederick C. Kallens, President 
K.O. Productions On-Hold Services, Inc.

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