Dave Vatz Weighs In On Michael Vick

Michael Vick finally came forward to the press to discuss his dogfighting and what he is doing about it on the 60 Minutes interview with James Brown. But, for the most part, this interview seemed more like free air time for Vick to apologize instead of Vick answering to what he did.

Really, this is not a question of whether he gets a second chance or if he should play again. This is a news story more than sports. Vick was jailed for dogfighting, and in this story, he never answered to it. James Brown should have asked something about what he did and if he would have continued had he not been caught. The only thing close to that was Brown reading off a list of things Vick had done and Michael agreeing with it. It would have been better if Vick said it himself.

Plus, his statements about that he was exposed to dogfighting when he was eight plus that the police ignored two dogs fighting when he was a youth seem to suggest that he felt dogfighting was fine. But he never answered as to why that view changed, which can only leave one conclusion: it changed because he was caught.

But everyone could reasonably assume that Vick would work with animal rights groups and was sorry. It would have been nice to hear something from this piece that would have been different, and we did not get that.

The only good parts about the interview were the responses to Tony Dungy and the Humane Society representative. At least with those two, there are people who are talking about what Vick feels and will do without dealing with Vick’s attorney team. Plus, with Dungy’s reputation, that adds a lot to Vick’s situation. But we already knew that he was helping Vick.The Eagles have given Michael Vick a second chance, and that is fine in the eyes of the law. But if Michael Vick thought this setup was going to garner him public support, he did not achieve it. In all, I don’t understand why someone that had it all, millions of dollars and adoration from fans across the country, had to ruin it with something like this. It is good to see that he seems like he wants to change, but it is hard to forget the past.

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  1. freddy from boca

    First let me state that what Vick did was completely wrong. Period. He is a convicted felon who spent a little less than 2 years in prison. James Brown never asked Vick if he directly beat and killed the dogs which took something away from the interview. but it doesn’t matter. He was charged and convicted and did prison time. What you are ignorant about is that dog fighting has been part of, particularly southern culture, for years and years. And dog fighting continues today and will so for years to come. For many even after all the negative publicity this has brought to this horrible activity nothing will change their attitude.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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