“Tampa Terp” Cautiously Optimistic About Ravens

It looks much like the prospects for an extremely powerful Ravens team this year are surfacing. You could also see this 3 years ago to a degree with McNair and Co. , culminating with the 13/3 record. . That season of course was marred by the overly conservative game plan of the Billick offense in the semifinal conference game against Indy.  You have to be impressed by what we see so far even though the preseason is a ridiculous joke in general. The defense looks as if it could be the strongest it has been in years (if that is possible). When you consider that Suggs did not even play you have to think this could be a record breaking D. 
The offense also with the improved O line and the depth at running back appears  better . It goes without saying that a 2nd year Flacco should be even better. The only weakness is the depth at both wide out and now tight end (again!!) The Ravens really need Mason to play at a high level again, which makes you wonder if it is not too late to consider some type of late in the game acquisition to give some relief  . I do not see any other receivers on the roster that can be considered a deep ball threat (Clayton notwithstanding). The fact that Cameron appears to be the wild card factor and can make do with status quo offsets the weaknessess and bodes well.  If all assumptions prove true the Ravens fanatics should be very charged up, with good reason.

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