Orioles Magic Number Remains at 3—-What?

The O’s need 3 wins to avoid the embarrassment of losing 100 games. I said it the day Sherrill was traded, that it was the forfeiture of the season. The bullpen blew another game last night. What I don’t understand is how in the 10th inning , Trembley had an outfielder strike out on a foul bunt with a runner on first. Someone please explain.

Weiters, Jones, Roberts, Markakis, Matusz, Tillman, Reimhold period.

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  1. freddy from boca

    Losing Sherrill would not have changed anything significantly for the Orioles. Last place with him or without him. However Macphail is doing a great job despite the w-l record. The foundation is being set for a much better season next year and a contending team in probably 2 to 2 and half years from now. Outstanding young outfield, good double play combo, terrific young catcher, several quality young arms in the rotation. promising prospect at 3rd base, Josh Bell, picked up in the Sherrill trade. Need to trade for power hitting first baseman, need a dh, could use a proven starter, bullpen still needs work and they need a manager who knows how to win and gets the most out of his players. But look at the present team and compare it to the team of 2-3 years ago. Big Big difference.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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