Cincy 17 Ravens 14—–WHAT?????

Some observations of the game where the many fans got their wish to see the Ravens run more.

Was Brian Billick brought back to design the offensive game plan.

The Ravens were outplayed across the board yet were in clear position to win.

When you are on the road, all you can ask for is to have the ball at the end of a game with a chance to win. Carson Palmer pulled it off. Mark Clayton dropped the ball.

Two games without Jared Gaither—2 losses. #71 is much more important to this team then he is given credit for.

Five games and maybe only one crucial FG so far, one against San Diego that Hauschka connected.

Where in the world was Willis? Yes Ray Rice played great but Willis might have had a great play or two.

Did  Mark Clayton go all out for the overthrown pass?

It seemed like there was a bounty on Ocho Cinco’s head yesterday. The tackles on him were vicious.

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  1. freddy from boca

    Turnovers, poor pass defense and stupid penalties. Sounds like Maryland but this time it’s the Ravens. And once again a chance to win at the end but can’t close the deal.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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