Should Sherrill Be The Closer on the Road For The Dodgers? Broxton Blows Save and Game as Phils Go Up 3-1

Any  day of the week , I would take George Sherrill over Jonathan Broxton. Torre must be asleep. Yes Sherrill did give up a 3 run dinger to Ibanez in Game 1 but when the chips were on the line Monday night, the ex Oriole struck out Ryan Howard with a tremendous mixture of pitches. Everytime I see this guy in Dodger Blue I get sick. First the O’s give Sherrill away for a Double AA 3rd baseman and then the Ravens don’t resign Matt Stover maybe the most clutch kicker of the decade.

By the way THaaaaaa  aaaaaaaaaa Mercenaries lose as Tex’s slump gets worse. Tex is becoming a good field no hit kind of guy. Arod and Jeter continue to supply the heat.\, as perhaps an east Coast series is becoming inevitable.

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  1. freddy from boca

    So what you’re saying is everyone should disregard the hr to Ibanez and focus only on what Sherrill does right. Or was it that the hr Ibanez hit was a meaningless hit when the outcome of the game was already decided. Or are you just saying Joe Torre doesn’t really know how to manage? Maybe he won 4 championships and got this fa this yr using tarot cards. Maybe the Phillies are just a better team than the Dodgers. The reality is this series should be over now.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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