What Can Chris Turner’s Dad Be Thinking?

I have supported, praised and defended Chris Turner so much that whenever he has a bad game fans come up to me and make comments like “That’s Your guy” Well my defense will always be there for QB1, but not for his Dad.  The Sun (http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/terps/bal-sp.turner21oct21,0,4099049.story) reported today that Chris add wants Maryland to get rid of AD Debbie Yow. I will have more to say tonight but how ridiculous is that statement. 5ACC Titles, 2 National Championships, the NCAA Tourney for both Basketball teams, a great overall graduation rate, maintaining 27 teams during a near depression—what else can an AD do? By the way those titles were just for last season.

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  1. Terp Fan

    You forgot to mention undermining her football coach by assuring that he and his staff would learn of the “Coach in Waiting” sitution through the media, and then making jokes about his health.

    Oh yeah, and (via her crony Kathy Worthington) dragging the man most responsible for the recent greatness and successes of Maryland through the mud in the press for no other reason than to embarrass him. If she wants to claim that wasn’t her doing, how does Worthington still have that job? How can that be justified as promoting the University, as the head of a PR department such as Worthington should be doing? Yow’s complicity is reprehensible.

    Further, unless I’m mistaken, only one of Maryland’s many NCAA national titles was won by a coach that Yow brought aboard (Frese and wbb in 2006). Gary is far more responsible for getting the Comcast Center built, and while I’ll give credit to Yow for the Byrd expansion, how embarrasing has the suite sales been (obviously not her fault, but terrible luck/timing).

    So in short…..what exactly has Debbie Yow done – especially recent, with respect to the money-making programs – that warrants keeping her?

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. freddy from boca

    Chris Turner’s father, former hard rock drummer, John Turner, came out against Debbie Yow saying the current Maryland Athletic Director should be replaced. Turner didn’t explain why he said this. Man up little drummer boy. Support your statement or just shut up. Does Turner have a legitimate beef or is he just a disappointed father whose son who might be benched in favor of a younger q.b. All I know is Debbie Yow came in with the athletic department in disarray and got the department back on firm footing. As for football, if I remember correctly the team won 30 games the first 3 years The Fridge was head coach and we went to a BCS game, the Orange Bowl. Byrd Stadium has been upgraded, The Gossett Team House was upgraded..The basketball team went to 2 final fours and won a championship…all this under Yow’s helm. The non-revenue teams have done great, winning many NCAA championships Football and Basketball aren’t setting the world on fire graduating players but the numbers have been o.k. So does Debbie coach or recruit? I think not. So what is Turner bitching about? If you are in agreement with Turner please share your thoughts and explain why you think Yow should be replaced. How would bringing someone else help make the football and basketball programs better? If for whatever reason Debbie left today a new A.D. wouldn’t fire Ralph or Gary in order to bring in “his guys”. In today’s economy coaches with guaranteed contracts aren’t going to get fired at public universities because it’s too expensive unless they can’t win a game year after year or their conduct is unbecoming. Could a new A.D. get Ralph to recruit better or coach better? If so, how? So again if you agree with Turner, why? I think Yow is doing a great job as the C.E.O. of a multi million dollar business…Maryland Athletics.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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