Freddy From Boca Weighs In On the World Series

2009 World Series—–The 105th edition of Major League Baseball’s Fall/Winter Classic, The World Series, begins Wednesday at the new Yankee Stadium.  The defending champions, the Philadelphia Phillies, tangle with the American league champions, the New York Yankees.

The outfields.  Philly..Jason Werth, Raul Ibanez and Shane Victorino.  All 3 hit well with Werth and Ibanez having good power.  Ibanez is a decent fielder while Werth and Victorino are pretty good. All 3 have very good arms and Werth and Victorino have exceptional speed.For Games in New York look for Ben Francisco to play left and Ibanez to be the dh.  Francisco is s solid hitter, good power and good defensively.

For the Yanks:  Johnny Damon, Melky Cabrera and Nick Swisher.  Melky and Damon are fairly good hitters while Swisher doesn’t hit for average with Swisher and Damon having good power.  Damon is a fair defender while Melky and Swisher are good at best.  None of the 3 have exceptional arms.  Damon and Melky have good speed.

Advantage. The Phillies——( Bruce—I agree though Damon is money in the bank but Swisher has done nothing post season so far.)

Infield.  Phils.  1B Ryan Howard.  Good hitter, great great power, not bad defensively.  2B Chase Utley, very good hitter with exceptional power for a second sacker, good speed and very good defensively.  SS Jimmy Rollins good hitter but average was down this year..good power, very good speed and exceptional fielder.  3B  Pedro Feliz..good hitter, drives in runs, decent power very good defensively.

Yankees.  1B Mark Texeria.  Very good hitter,great power, great defensively.  2B.  Robinson Cano. Very good hitter, good power, good speed, good defensively with great arm. SS Derek Jeter.  Very, very good hitter, decent power, good speed, good defensively, great leader.  3b  Alex Rodriquez.  Offensive machine, good fielder, having his first good playoffs.

Advantage.  Slightly to the Phils.    Bruce—Freddy— You are nuts. The Mercenaries’ infield is vastly superior. No one on either team is playing with the might of Arod right now. Howard  gets the nod over Tex but Jeter has 4 rings and is the class of either team. Cano is hitting the leather off the ball. Edge Way towards the Yanks.

Catcher:  Phils  Carlos Ruiz, o.k. hitter very good defensively

Yanks  Jorge Posada good hitter, good power, not bad defensively

Advantage: Slightly to Yankees    Bruce –heavy to the Yanks Posada is much better hitter.

DH for games in N.Y.  Phils: Raul Ibanez, good hitter very good power     Yanks:  Hedeki Matsui, power was down this year but good hitter and drives in runs.

Advantage..Draw       Agree

Tomorrow the pitching staffs

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