Ravens Cut Hauschka—But The Horse is Out of The Barn

After making one of the worst decisions in franchise history, the Ravens cut the bait by releasing Steve Hauschka the supposed replacement for Matt Stover, the future Hall of Fame kicker.  Unfortunately the damage is done–the miss of the field goal in the Vikings game potentially stands to cost the Ravens the playoffs, though this is certainly not the Ravens only problem.

So now, the Ravens let Stover go, ruin the future of Steve Hauschka, and will have to settle for a NFL castoff as their kicker with the 3 most crucial games of the season coming up. I am still scratching my head.

Why do you call 3 timeouts in the first 7 minutes of the half as happened in Cleveland. Will the penalties ever end?

What? The Ravens are 1 point favorite Sunday. Did Vegas watch the Colts on Sunday night?

Has anyone sighted Mark Clayton  lately?

Ray Rice is my favorite Raven but could Willis and LeRon maybe get 10 carries a game if nothing else then to keep #27 fresh?

How can anyone say that #52 has lost his fire? I thought I read that in the Sun last week. Ray Lewis is still a legend and is still oneof the most ferocious hitters in the game.

Ever since the Ravens started to reemphasize the run , Flacco’s passing stats have gone deep into the well. let the kid go and throw the ball.

In the 4 games against Pitt (2), Indy, and Green Bay –the Ravens must take 2 in order to have a chance for the playoffs. One of these must be against the Steelers. Judgement day is coming.

Sorry Brady, that was a cheap, dirty shot you laid on Suggs. If  he would have done that to you, there would be a huge fine. No excuses–just admit you were wrong.

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