“They Never Quit on me so why would I ever quit on them”—Coach Friedgen

Some observations of Ralph’s press conference:

It was pretty emotional today watching Ralph take the grilling questions today ith his family, Dr Yow, and every local press guy in attendance.

I thought Ralph was at his best today, very emotional ,but fielding every question  even those about his future as Terrapin head coach.

I asked Ralph about his impressions of Jamarr over the past 2 games and does he have what it takes to be QB1.  Ralph responded that he was very happy at how Jamarr responded the last 2 games and he certainly has an edge over the redshirt  QBs.

Comcast’s Chick Hernandez asked Ralph how he is dealing with the incresed scrutiny of the program and why would he put up with it –to which Ralph gave the best answer of the day– “They Never Quit on me so why would I ever quit on them”

AD Debbie Yow and Ralph will meet over the next few days to discuss the future of thre program. Due to reasons that have stated again and again, my guess would be that Ralph will be back at the helm for 2010.

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  1. freddy from boca

    not to many people walk away when they have 4 million dollars on the table.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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