Ravens Win 20-17 in Overtime—Steeler Clubhouse Fractured

It was Judgement day for the Ravens. Either win or be virtually finished. Facing a Steeler team without Big Ben or #43 should have presented the Ravens with an easy win. It was anything but easy. Some observations:

The weater was incredible for Nov 29.

Hines Ward was extremely disappointed that #7 didn’t play , almost accusing him of deserting the team. This was caused by Coach Mike Tomlin not informingthe team until Saturday about Ben not playimg. Other Steelers also voiced their displeasure. What made matters even worse was that Ben was listed as QB#3.

Cundiff seems to have a problem from the right hash marks. I watched him miss FG after FG in practice from the right hashmark.

Huge play for Paul Kruger, making the int that led the team to victory.

Cameron’s game plan was much more innovative then in the past few games.

I fear that Flacco’s ankle injury is much worse then he is letting on.

Ray Rice is nearly impossible to bring down in the open field. Perhaps he should be returning punts?

Mark Clayton was having a great game until he fumbled then committed pass interference.

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  1. freddy from boca

    Last week you were kvetching that the use Rice too much. Maybe they should bring in George Sherrill to relieve him in the backfield so he can return punts.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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