Playoffs? What–Just Win a Game —Ravens Lay a Goose Egg at Lambeau Field

I cannot believe that the Ravens were ready to play today. Could it be that Ed Reed’s absence DEFLATED THE TEAM. SOME POINTS I WANT TO GET OUT:

With a minute to go, it appeared as if the Ravens were running out the clock–not even going for the endzone–the plays that were called were  idiotic —

Were you screaming NOOOOOOOOOOO as #5 through th pass against the grain and was intercepted?

Chris McAlister left his mark on this team–#21′ s theory if you are beat —interfere.  The refs owned this game–another pathetic performance  by the Ravens prime time.

Are our routes weak, receivers weak?—-Why do we never get separation? Is the injury to Joe Flacco more serious then we are being told.? At some point in the game, especially in the 1st half would you have liked to have seen Troy Smith?

It seemed like the old Kyle Boller days. No separation so every ball was a toss up to Heap. Except this isn’t the young Todd Heap. His dropped TD pass was tough to take.

The Ravens are 3-6 over the last 9 games.

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