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Tune into the show tonight as we will discuss Terrapin hoops and the Villanova game, we will interview Jeff and Jackie Schaffer creators of The League’ and writers of Curb Your Entusiasm.  Seven  figure contributor Bob “Turtle” Smith will be on to discuss the contibution he made. Listen in on the web by clicking Listen Live on the website. Email any question to bposner7@gmail.com. Dino and myself will be at the Towson Center to watch the Lady Terps take on the Tigers. Stop by to say hello.

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  1. Ryan

    There is NO WAY you bench Flacco at this point. It was one bad game against the best Defense in the NFL.
    Not to mention that, who knows what would happen if this team actually had WR that actually could get more than 6inches in seperation.
    We have the WORST batch of WR in the NFL. I defy ANYONE to point out a worser corp.
    Flacco is trying to do a little too much, but, NEVER will I fault him for that. Look at the throws he makes 4 or 5 times a game that very few QB’s can make, that get dropped or a WR quits on. There was one on 3rd down early in the GB game to Mason across the field that would have probably been 6, or at least got us to the 15 or so, that Mason just dropped. It literally hit him in the hands, and just went to the ground.

    Get this guy a WR that knows how to run a route, and has hands, and size/speed, and this WHOLE TEAM will be different. The D will not be as worn out because they will not be on the field as much, Rice will be better because the run game will open up more once a Defense actually has to worry about our Passing game, etc. etc.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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