Harbaugh & Flacco–2 Seasons –2 Playoff Appearances—2 Backs are Better Then 1

No it hasn’t been perfect but the Ravens are now 3 games away from the Super Bowl. The dream is alive–that is all we can ask for.  Some thoughts of today’s great win.

Flacco was certainly not sharp today. He is still holding on to the ball much too long. #5 clearly missed a wide open Todd Heap, and did not have the presence of mind to stay behind the line of scrimmage before passing the ball late in the 1st half.  All that being said, it’s on to a banged up New England team .

All kudos to Willis McGahee —he was fantastic. What I love about the Ravens right now is the power of their rushing game. That’s 2 weeks in a row. The use of 2 RBs produced great results last year.  The significance of the return of Jared Gaither was seen is the Ravens succes in running to the left, especially the play that iced the game.

Everyone keeps criticizing the secondary but I just don’t see it. Who was the last QB to torch us. Certainly Manning didn’t —Big Ben didn’t.

Hip injury to Brady and Wes Walker done for the playoffs—hmmmmmmmmmm.

This field goal problem continues to rear its ugly head. Yes the snaps were bad but Cundiff has yet to hit a big one for the Ravens. We all know that for the Ravens to advance it will take a last second FG at some point.

Carson Palmer’s line for the night for the Bengals 1-11 for 11 yards.

I will address the insanity of 3 repeat games net week during the week.

It looks like the Ravens finally have a bonafide Kickoff returner in Parmalee.

Two reasons for victory today—no turnovers  —-only 1 stupid penalty on the punt return.

FYI–I will replay my interview of super agent Drew Rosenhaus this Thursday . Drew is the agent for Jared Gaither and Willis McGahee.

Oh yea—Willis needs to be resigned and if not he sure earned himself a ton money with his performance tonight.

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  1. freddy from boca

    Mike Preston grade for Ravens secondary

    Secondary: D
    The Ravens played a lot of man coverage, and they couldn’t hang with Oakland’s receivers. The Ravens tried to keep everything in front of them, and for the most part, they did that. But that philosophy might have to change some in the playoffs.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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