Alabama BCS Champs with 37-21 Victory—Empty Title?

Yes the Tide is back but was it a hollow victory? IF COLT McCOY DOESN”T GET HURT ┬áthis becomes a different game.

What in the world was Mack Brown thinking about with that shuttle pass at the end of the 1st half. Idiotic!!!

Would Jordan Shipley look good in a Ravens uniform? With a freshman QB he had 10 catches and 2 TDs.

Why –tell me why at 31-21 and Texas out of timeouts—Nick Saban needed 1 more TD. Teams never forget that kind of garbage. Ask the ole ball coach–Steve Spurrier.

Funny that when Chris Turner was injured this year, Jamarr Robinson was just not ready. As he played a few more games, he certainly developed. Garrett Gilbert was not ready for primetime early on, though he played well in the 2nd half, he still made mistake after mistake. Guys when you are up big in the 2nd half give your backup as many reps as possible. I would hate to see what would happen if #5 was injured early for the Ravens.

Mark Ingram showed a lot of class in his praise of Colt McCoy after the game.

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