Wake 85 Terrapins 83–Heartbreaking Loss

Observations of the Terrapins road loss:

Freshman center Jordan Williams was excellent tonight. He played physical ball, held his owndown low and scored 12 points on 6-8 shooting. His performance bodes well for the Terrapins going forward.

The Terps will be in every game this year due to Senior leadership. Though Hayes and Milbourne had for the most part off nights, when crunch time came the 2 Seniors responded helping the Terps to come back from a seemingly lost game.

Greivis scored 30 but his game was hampered by lack of scoring from most of the Terps. Greivis also had 7 assists but missed on a couple of 3s late in the game.

Sean Mosley had a great look at the end of regulation to win the game, but he failed to connect. Again Sean amazes me every time he steps on the court. Last night against arguably the best rebounding team in the ACC, Sean garnered 13 rebounds and had countless key plays to keep the Terps in the game.

Adrian Bowie continued his improved play scoring 10 with 3 steals.

Aminu was extremely impressive scoring 24 points and having 13 rebounds. Ismael Smith hit the game winner but had an off shooting night (8-23).

I didn’t understand why the refs didn’t check the clock in Overtime. there should have been .4 of a second left at the end.

Next up Boston College on Saturday at 4PM.

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  1. Tony T

    Really need to pick up a few road wins in the ACC. This would have been a big one considering the quick turnaround. Seems like Greivis has found his form quite nicely.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. freddy from boca

    congrats to wake. but md lost this game more than wake won it. of course the big question is why didn’t the refs check for the correct time left before the last play of the game. mosley’s floor game was excellent but his shooting seems a little off the past few games..williams showed aggressiveness..bowie playing well… vasquez 9-27 from the field-anyone can score 30 taking 27 shots-3 missed free throws- yes he had 7 assists but he had 6 turnovers. he disappeared the first 17 min. of the second half. in o.t. 3 of his last 4 shots were horrible. as a point guard he needs to get other players involved rather than taking 12 more shots than anyone else and he did not do a good job running the offense in the half court, especially in o.t.. hayes..he pulled a houdini for a large part of the game after a quick start hitting a 3 and making a nice pass. dino gregory looked out of control-more fouls than rebounds. milbourne 5-15 shooting he disappeared for a while last night. was there a card game going on somewhere? i’ve said this before. hayes would be the guy i want running the half court offense particularly late in the game. vasquez also moves without the ball better than hayes in the half court. last night vasquez had the smaller ish smith guarding him. give hayes the ball let vasquez run the cut to the lane and curl to the basket for a 6-7 ft. shot. last night was a game we should have won. tough loss. tivo/dvr sat at 4pm oak hill on espn or espn 2 see pe-shon howard

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  3. Mricklen

    I know you love GV but he lost this game and many more.
    Want to know why players disappear, because “your boy” hogs the ball, throws up ridiculous forced shots , and is out of control most of the time. He is an absolute reflection of his out of control coach GV needs a coach that will give him some discipline
    I do agree about Mosely. He is a true NBA talent, once again with a better coach. He makes excellent decisions and his court sense is amazing. He has an NBA body as well.
    I would prefer the ball in his hands rather than any other player. Make him your point man.
    Eric Hayes is too slow a foot for the 2 spot. He can not defend and he can not create his own shot. He is a spot up shooter. He more than any other is why we have problems with quick guards.
    Love Milbourne a tremendous talent, but like too often with Gary teams because of poor overall recruiting he is playing out of position. LM is a natural 3 not a 4. He is too small to
    play power forward.
    I will give this team their props though, they are fun to watch though as with any Gary team
    frustrating and in need of leadership.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  4. eddie13

    Another sad example of Maryland’s inability to execute in the half court at crunch time. When will Gary get it? This team is just the latest in a long line of underachieving groups who reflect his “screamer” leadership style. Their tendency toward frentic, out of control play reaches a boiling point at the end of games such as this one. Md missed golden opportunities, with plenty of time on the clock, to win this game in regulation or tie at the end of the OT. When Villanova shredded Maryland at the BB&T, the coaching staff should have been taking copious notes. Grevis Vazquez during crunch time last nite wasn’t even a poor man’s Scottie Reynolds!

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  5. eddie13

    When Villanova shredded Maryland at the BB&T, the coaching staff should have been taking copious notes. Grevis Vazquez during crunch time last nite wasn’t even a poor man’s Scottie Reynolds!

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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