Duke Defends its Way to 77-56 Win Over The Terps—Terps Remain Under the radar

You can try to explain about the effects of playing at Cameron Indoor but it is different when you experience it. They said it was Coach K’s birthday today but a mi mistake was mad it was Brian Zoubek’s. 16 point 17 rebounds—let’s see how he plays at Comcast. I never expected Jordan Williams to have a big game today. It was a learning experience for him and padgett.

Incredible how poorly the team shot. Shooting is always a measure of comfort and flow and obviously the Terps were way off. Mosley missed 2 wide open 3s, Landon missed 1 early, Cliff missed a big 3 in the 2nd half. Why? Who knows. landon wound up with only 2 points. The Terps did not get to the foul line until the 2nd half.

Remember this is only 1 game and we will get the Dookies on Senior day March3. Now the key for the Terps is to get the big W against UVA Monday night.

Perhaps the week layoff contributed to our rustiness early. Sheyer and Singler combined were 10-26. Not a bad effort.

Greivis finished with 17 points, singlehandedly bringing the Terps to a 10 point deficit from 19–by scoring 9 in a row. Combine that with 4 assists and 7 rebounds and the fact Duke literaaly blanketed him early–it wasn’t a bad game from the point guard.

All the loose balls seemed to go Duke’s way or at least they were more aggressive to them. Lance Thomas wound up playing 26 pretty ineffective minutes.

I just wished we would have a few 3s in the 1st half to keep it close but we didn’t and it’s time to move on.

Later on I will publish what Gary and Coach K had to say postgame. But for now the Dookies are 9-2 and the Terps are 6-3, and probably still under the radar.

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  1. freddy from boca

    Give Duke credit. They out played, out hustled and out coached Maryland. No need to point out any one player or another. We lost badly. Game over. On to the next game. Thankfully the next game is Monday.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. Tony T

    Duke always plays well defensively – especially at Cameron. My wife went to Duke and this is a tough one for me to swallow. I almost cancelled Valentines Day.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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