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Some of the topics for this morning:

—Brandon davies suspended for having sex with his girlfriend

—Lady Lacrosse Terops –machine

—Duke UNC for the Title

—Tim Desko scores 5 leads Cuse to 12-10 Victory

—NFL Players extend talks 7 days

• How to divide revenues, including what cut team owners should get up front to help cover costs such as stadium construction and improvement. Under the old deal, owners received about $1 billion off the top. They entered these negotiations seeking to add another $1 billion to that.

• A rookie wage scale, and where money saved by teams under that system would go.

• The owners’ push to expand the regular season from 16 games to 18 while reducing the preseason by two games.

• Benefits for retired players.

Under terms of the seven-day extension, no player transactions will be allowed while it is in effect, and players’ health insurance coverage will remain in place.

—Wes Leonard dead at 16

FENNVILLE, Mich. — One moment: a perfect shot to end a perfect season. The star player, just 16, lifted off the floor in celebration. Teenagers triumphant, crowds cheering, the district playoffs ahead, the future open wide. The next: Wes Leonard on the gym floor, his enlarged heart failing, his life fading just a few moments after his victory layup. Packed bleachers suddenly stunned by an event that made basketball seem a distant, unimportant memory.  A day after Leonard died from an enlarged heart, this small town near Lake Michigan remembered an “all-American kid” whose athletic heroics had been local legend since middle school, when opposing coaches sometimes asked to see his birth certificate, not believing someone so young could be so skilled.
—Closing of Pauley Pavilon–Magical that Tyler Trapani scored a basket in final minute 71-49 over $10 Arizona—-I’m not going to be a coach –Like my ggreat grandfather would say –I’m going to be an educator, a teacher of the game of basketball
–March 8, 1971  Frazier vs Ali
—Salt Lake City  Visileni Fauonuku robbed victims at gunpoint—will attend Utah
—Nick Charles on his last days–
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