Taters John Weighs in on –Jordan’s Leaving and Duke vs Arizona


I wanted to call in this morning but you only mentioned the phone number one time and I didn’t catch the number at that time.

Wanted to tell you that Zibby said he is either wearing purple nad black or purple and white trunks.

Wanted to tell you that on the talk shows this week Gary has really been subdued and not his usual feisty self. That led me to believe that bad news was forthcoming on Jordan Williams. Gary also made a trip to Houston to look at a big man telling me that he knows he needs to find a replacement for Jordan. You say that he isn’t going to hire an agent so  guess there is still hope. I am crushed !!!

Wanted to say that Coach K outcoached himself on this one. Nolan Smith led the ACC in scoring, over 20 points a game, he is the MVP of the ACC, 1st team ACC and 1st Team All American. Nolan Smith needs the ball in his hands to be effective. Kyrie Erving needs the ball in his hands to be effective. Smith was neutralized when Erving was in the game in my opinion. Erving is truly a great player but also is Nolan Smith who led the Duke team through the toughest part of Duke’s schedule. I can only imagine how Smith felt when earlier this week Coach K announced that Erving would be seeing extensive playing time from here on out. During the last 10 minutes of the game when Duke was self destructing EVERY time Erving got the ball he went to the hoop trying to do it all on his own while other Mac All Americans stood around and watched. Yes he scored 28 points but at the end they were stuffing it back in his face. The looks on the faces of Smith and Singler spoke volumes to me.

Coach K said his usual pregame prayer, we all know that God answers prayers in his own way and own time. Coach K had his clones Eenie, Meenie and Minnie sitting beside him, his Mac All Americans on the floor and on the bench but as the meltdown continued none of that helped, not even the phantom foul calls by the Zebras could get this game close at the end.

I respect Coach K, he is the best with the best players in America but on this night he was beaten by a bright young rising star, Sean Miller.

John, Terpman 2    Unedited blog from Taters John

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