The Terps have The Real Deal in Justin Anderson–Leads Montrose Christian to Victory over John Carroll

Let it be said now–Justin Anderson is already a 5 star athletically and defensively. Play after play his prowess was on display, Justin has verballed to Maryland for 2012 and his atleticism is the best ogf any Terrapin of recent memory.

Michael Carrerea –forget the Mid majors and come down to College Park. With hands of steel and tremendous rebounding ability you have to love this kid. The attitude –it’a all Grievis. Stu Vetter might be the best talent developer in the land. I would never hesitate over Carrera because of his size. His ability, attitude, sense of the game, etc are all stellar.

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  1. Ryan

    This kid is a beast. I am concerned with the inability to get a complete class still.
    Shaq Cleare, whom I heard is on the verge of a MD verbal, would give Gary maybe a top 5 class, depending on who the 2 other scholarships go to.
    I say 2, because there is NO way Jordan comes back for his Senior year.
    The updated rankings should have Anderson in the top 20 overall, and a top 3 SF.

    Last thing, I’m going with 82 Wins for the O’s.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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