WHAT?????: Terrapintimes.com is Reporting That Justin Anderson May be Near Committing to UVA

How could this happen this fast. Remember UVA, Maryland , and Carolina were his 3 final choices. Perhaps the retirement of Gary or the exit of Rob Ehsan from the staff triggered this move.  HOWEVER,  remember this is Turgeon’s team now and with defections  more scholarships become available. He might have the finest recruiting staff in college. I have no qualms. More tonight on Koons Ford Terp Talk. Remember I can not ask Coach Turgeon anything about this.

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  1. freddy from boca

    it’s not like we’re losing moses malone

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. freddy from boca

    coaches can’t comment on players they are recruiting until they actually sign a letter of intent.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  3. Terp Talker

    I’d rather not lose him. 4-star recruits aren’t a dime a dozen.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  4. bball purist

    Dead Period now… but just finished “Quiet Period.” Only way recruit can talk to coaching staff is on campus. But what is ethical thing to do when one is verbally committed somewhere else?

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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