The Most Troubling Home Performance in Recent Memory–Horrendous Offense Leads to 27-24 OT Defeat

Here we go:

Marty Mornhinweg must go. His play calling was absurd, predictable, stale, stupid, and in no way did it prepare the Ravens for the W.  Coach Harbaugh should be calling the plays because no one could do it worse then Marty. Wake up Steve–everyone sees this except Harbs.

OT 1st and 10 from our own 40. 25 yards and the game is won. Off tackle, Up the middle and an incomplete pass. Don’t you try to win. Pathetic!!!!

Does joe have the right to change plays—run every time on First Down. The offense did not score a Touchdown all day!! I repeat the offense did not score a touchdown against the 1-4 Bears.

3rd and ten always produces a 3-5 yard pass which leaves us short every time.

The Ravens are getting increasingly hard to watch. How can this be acceptable?  With 7 minutes left after the pick 6, the place emptied. 10,000 empty seats, 10, 000 Bears fans. Where does this end?

Grades:  no curve— QB –C-   Yes there were dropped passes, yes THERE WERE NO OFFENSIVE TOUCHDOWNS

Running Back–   B   The duo of Collins and Allen did a fine job, creating nice gains.

Offensive Line—   C  As good as you can expect

Receivers   F-         It’s about time the organization admits Perriman was a mistake. He is a detriment to the team. Nothing deep to Mike Wallace? Why? Even if it’s a 50-50 ball.

Offensive Play Calling—-   0 that’s zero—it’s on Mornhinweg

Defensive Line—F  was run through like a sieve

Linebackers         C  this loss can not be pinned on the defense

Secondary            C+  though without Weddle’s horrible mistake that eventually cost us the game, the grade would have been higher

HeadCoaching—C- at some point Harbs has to take over the play calling when his OC is clueless


Steelers bounce back and win 19-13 as predicted by me this morning. First loss for KC.

Aaron Rodgers probably out for the year with a broken collarbone.




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