Wizards Fans Raising Money For Fire Ernie Grunfeld Ad

A particularly fed up Wizards fan has started a GoFundMe.com campaign to fire GM Ernie Grunfeld. From the Reddit post

“I thought I’d make an update post on where the campaign stands currently. I’ve spent a good number of hours calling ad agency doing research etc., and I think with the amount of money it looks like we’ll be able to raise we have two options.

Option 1: A DC metro AD, which are the screens you see outside of the metro stops, run 880 dollars for a four week period. I’ve been in contact with an advertising rep, and he recommend some ideal metro stops that are somewhat close to the Wizards front office. Obviously this sounds pretty good, but the metro usually doesn’t take what the call “advocacy ads”, they usually only take commercial ads. I’ve been working with the agent to find a workaround, like advertising for a fire Ernie website that could theoretically be commercial since we could say it’s to drive traffic, and he said it’s possible, but we may need to find a different work around.

Option 2: The other option that seems like it would he affordable for us is some sort of print ad. There are multiple options here, including Washington post, Washington times, and Washingtonian magazine.

I’ve put in a lot of leg work on this, especially the metro Ad, so if someone wants to volunteer to do a bit of pricing work on the print ads it would be very very helpful to me!


25% of the $5000 goal will go the John Wall Family Foundation. At the current $630 of the goal has been donated in the last week. This sort of campaign has recently been organized by the fans of both the Ottawa Senators and New York Islanders. It worked for the Islanders as the GM was fired after the season, we will see how it works out in Washington.

Jordan Viener, Pro Sports, Wizards
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  1. Hal Mendelson

    Could we possibly include Turgeon in this add and get a two for One??

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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