Move Over Pete Carroll–Packers Coach Matt LaFleur Just wrecked the Season with an Idiotic 4th Quarter Call

Tampa 31 Packers 26.

Never lay points to the GOAT. Tom Brady outplayed Aaron Rodgers whose inability to score TDs in the red zone ended the season for Packers nation.

HOWEVER, with 2:05 minutes left and 4th and goal from the 8 yard line down 31-23 opted to kick a FG to make the score 31-26. Here’s why this was really stupid:

#1 The Packers still had to score a Touchdown. It wasn’t like 2 FGs would have won the game.

#2 Had the Pack not scored it would have been Tampa ball inside its own 10 yard line, a place where gambling would have been improbable.

#3 YOU GAVE THE BALL BACK TO THE GOAT and all he needed was 2 first downs to end the game. The Packers never got the ball back.

No justification for not believing in your QB, the clear MVP of the season.

Harbaugh goes for that TD 100% of the time.

Quote from Matt LaFleur

“Yeah, anytime it doesn’t work out, you always regret it, right?” LaFleur said after the game. “It was just the circumstances of having three shots and coming away with no yards and knowing that you not only need the touchdown, but you need the 2-point [conversion]. The way I was looking at it was, we essentially had four timeouts with the two-minute warning.

“We knew we needed to get a stop, and I thought we were going to have a stop there at the end, but we got called for [defensive pass interference] and it didn’t work out. I think anytime something doesn’t work out, do you regret it? Sure, but we’re always going to be process-driven here, and the way our defense was battling, the way our defense was playing, it felt like it was the right decision to do. It just didn’t work out.”

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