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Bob Novak — A Terrapin Through and Through– Passes Away at Age 78

I always take pride in all the places I have watched the Terrapin Basketball team play. I have been to Nashville, Miami, Tallahassee, Kansas City, Syracuse, Atlanta,Durham, Chapel Hill, Clemson, Raleigh, Greensboro, Largo, Verizon Center, Civic Center, The Palestra, Anaheim, The Licouras Center at Temple, UVA, Madison Square Garden, Charlotte, and many more. But what always amazed me was the presence at these games of the Conservative Giant of Journalism, Bob Novak. HE WAS ALWAYS THERE!!!!! Yet , he didn’t attend Maryland and supposedly fell in love with the team when Lefty took over. I spoke with him a few times, always about basketball. His passion for the team rivaled anyone I know even myself. Imagine, a man of his incredible schedule attended every game in the 2002 championship run. His 36 year love affair with the team is one to be admired. He will be missed by all Terrapin fans.

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  1. By: freddy from boca | On: August 19, 2009

    For many years I watched Bob Novak on Crossfire and read many of his newspaper columns. I rarely agreed with his conservative point of view. So, I never cared for him based on politics. However when I found out Novak was a big Maryland fan, well, I still didn’t agree with his political opinions, but, I liked him. He was family…a Maryland fan.

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