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Freddy Blogs on Maryland Basketball

The majority of Maryland fans are most passionate for men’s basketball followed by football which is a distant second. Since Lefty brought big time college basketball to College Park and The DC. area, Maryland has experienced “rivalries” with North Carolina, N.C. St., and Duke. Since the 70’s, Carolina has always been a big game for Md. because the Tar Heels are always a top 10 team and many of Maryland’s teams have been exceptional which elevated those games to another level of intensity and importance. I remember Elmore, McMillen, Mo Howard (the guard from philly , not one of the stooges) and Lucas beating an N.C. team in overtime that had Bob McAdoo, Bobby Jones, Dennis Wuycik , George Karl, Darrel Elston and Bill Chamberlain. Bias’ highlight night at the DeanDome with the basket and then the steal and reverse dunk, on my birthday no less. Jim O’Brien scoring 38 against N.C. at Cole. Super Bowl Sunday and seeing the greatest college player I have ever seen, David Thompson score the winning basket by following a shot or the 103-100 overtime loss in the ACC Final. That game still hurts. Or Md down by 17-2 and Steve Shepard, who wasn’t in the line up because of a groin injury comes of the bench and leads Md to a big win on the road. I even remmber Brain Magid making a 25 footer at the buzzer to send a game into o.t. Never seen a more pure shot than from Magid. Or Ernie Graham and his school record 44 vs State. Buck Williams being run out by Dennard in an ACC final or Steve Blake’s steal right before the end of the half. Since the early 2000’s, the Duke game is always big for Md. fans. Duke is always good and we had some great teams in the early 2000’s. There was the stall game vs. #2 S.C.. It was the most exciting game I’v ever been to at Cole. And the score was 4-3 at half. Hard to believe. And the excitment and fever pitch of the crowd was off the charts. Or 6-6 Albert King jamming over 7-4 Ralph Sampson. Or Buck Williams out-playing Sampson in every game against the Cavs. Old memories from an old ACC. There wasn’t going to be a home and home every year with Duke and Carolina after realignment. That’s what the fans want most..those Duke and NC games. You don’t hear a lot of talk for Md BC or MD Miami. If Turgeon does what I think he’s going to do, Maryland Indiana, Maryland Ohio State, Maryland Michigan St., Md Mich….Those are going to be great great games. Because those schools are consistently good and Maryland is going to be a top 15 program for years to come with Turgeon . It will get to a point where it will be a big game, if for no other reason, because Maryland’s playing. Like it used to be.

blog from Freddy from Boca

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  1. By: Mriicklen | On: November 25, 2012

    gree completely and thanks for the memories.
    Has the ACC other than the predictable Dukies actually beaten an elite non conference opponent yet this season?
    Does not bide well for the moribund ACC next week in the Big 10 challenge.
    Remember our Big 10 has won the last 3 years, and this will make it 4 in a row…nice ACC preeminence!

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