Ain’t The Beer Cold—Terps 83 Duke-74 Behind Dez Wells’ 30 points—Carolina Next–2 Down 2 to Go

Without question  the best Terrapin Victory since Grievis’ last game at home. Turgeon had this team perfectly prepared and once again out coached the King of the Evil Empire into the ground. HATS OFF TO COACH TURGEON!!!!!!!!!!!

When I was submitting my vote for ALL ACC–I just could not leave out Dez Wells despite the Terps 8-10 record. Look we all saw it –there were games when he was fantastic. Minus his plethora of turnovers, he really was great all season. Out of 77 votes only 4 writers picked him for any of the 3 teams as ALL ACC. I am proud that I was one of them.

Without question Duke was baffled by the press. though there weren’t many steals, it took Duke 10 seconds or so to break and through their offense off kilter. At some point of the 1st half Duke was playing racehorse bball just like Maryland. 

Duke could never adjust to Maryland’s 4 guard set that virtually ruled Ryan Kelly useless. By the way this was the first loss Duke had with Kelly in uniform. Coach Turgeon virtually went with a 8 man lineup —Padge didn’t play and Logan got 2 minutes PT. The guys who did play just seemed more in rhythm all night. PeShon had 7 points but more important 5 assists and 0 turnovers.

So next up is Carolina. I have said all along that the magic number was 3 wins not 4. If by some way the Terps upset Carolina on the “Neutral” Greensboro court, to me it seems like the Terps will be in. But you know what, winning the ACC Championship in one of our final years in this dreadful conference would be dynamite. But the best thing about tonight was watching Coach K squirm.

A depressed Coach K after getting schooled by Mark Turgeon

A depressed Coach K after getting schooled by Mark Turgeon

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  1. Brian2580

    Awesome win. Taking 2 of 3 from Duke makes all of the frustrations of the season worth it. Win vs UNC and close game with Miami should get it done. If NC State beats Miami I think MD may need to win the Champipnship but if they keep playing the way they have the last 2 games that shouldn’t be a problem.

    Reply ·   March 16, 2013

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