Purdue 62 Terps 60—By The Numbers

Disappointing (though not shocking) road loss for the Terps.

In essence first hostile road crowd the team has faced this year. As expected a few of the Freshman struggled.

Player by Player:

Bruno—13 rebounds –9 points–double teamed much of the game. Needed more touches

Jalen—   9 rebounds .  7 points in only 22 minutes—a bit of foul trouble–but a good performance

Cowan—18 points—5 rebounds–6 assists –2 steals  but 4-17 from the field. Clearly fouled twice on 3 point attempts down the wire–never called–anything goes in the final 2 minutes of a Big Ten Game

Eric Ayala–28 minutes but not as visible as he has been then again Freshman—2 points–0 assists

Darryl Morsell—great game–5-9 and 12 points–when the offense stalled in the final minutes he was able to create–2 blocks

Aaron Wiggins–3 treys in 30 minutes–2 steals–might wanna try him in go to moments late in the game

Lindo, Tomaic and Serrel—look for them to get significant minutes on Saturday–Turgeon needs production from these 3–6 man rotation is not enough in a 20 game Big Ten Season

17 turnovers 10 assists–TO’s must be dealt with before next Big Ten game on Jan 2 against a very good Nebraska squad

from Don Markus and the Baltimore Sun

“The last seven minutes, we played like a young team,” said Turgeon, whose team led by as many as eight before a 7-0 run late in the game helped Purdue (6-3, 1-1) take control to break a two-game losing streak. “We didn’t play with poise, we didn’t coach with poise.

“I can handle not scoring, but I’d like to get a little better looks than we were getting. We’re not going to be a great team if we’re just setting ball screens for Anthony late in the game to score. It’s not good. Give them credit. They took us out of everything.”

Maryland defended well against junior guard Carsen Edwards, the Big Ten’s leading scorer. Not only did the Terps hold Edwards scoreless for the first 12½ minutes as Maryland built its early eight-point lead, but he finished with 20 points on 4-for-15 shooting.

The Boilermakers got more of a contribution, particularly in the second half, from role players Grady Eifert, Aaron Wheeler and Matt Haarms, who combined to hit six of eight from 3-point range overall to balance a 3-for-9 long-range showing from Edwards.

“When they’re making six [3-pointers], you think they’re going to get to 90,” said Turgeon, whose Terps shot 9-for-27 on 3-pointers, including just 2-for-10 by Cowan. “To me, that was the difference.”

Maryland shot 20-for-57 overall while also committing 17 turnovers. Turgeon was asked if the offense wasn’t moving, if Cowan was dribbling too much or if Purdue’s defense was just that good.

“All of the above,” he said. “We’re dribbling too much. They took away our first options. Maybe the young guys are deferring too much to Anthony.”



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  1. Harold Mendelson

    This was not because it was a young team. It was another abysmal coaching job by Turgeon. It is his regular offense where the point guard dribbles until there is only 8 seconds left and then takes a wild shot or no shot. I wonder if we could trade coaches with UMBC? This is a good team with good players and a terrible coach. I almost feel sorry for him when I see him sitting on the bench looking like a deer in the headlights. Then I remember that he is the highest paid state employee and I am helping pay for incompetence. HE MUST GO. It is the point guards job to run the offense not ruin the offense. There are better shooters and scorers on this team.

    Reply ·   December 7, 2018

  2. brian2580

    Does anyone know if the offensive problems in crucial situations are because Turgeon doesn’t draw up plays or because the player just don’t run plays he draws up???

    Every crucial possession Cowan dribbles the ball up top some comes and sets a poor screen that doesn’t get him open and they repeast that 2-3 times until Cowan is stuck behind the 3 point line with no time on the shot clock and a guy in his face. It worked out against Penn State but they ended with shot clock violations at least 3 times down the stretch last night.

    They need to start running an offense that has more than 1 option per play and that involves more than 2 guys per play.

    Reply ·   December 7, 2018

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