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Wayne Viener on the Harrisons: The Sports Analyst vs The Fan
Wayne the sports analyst
The drama is over for now, the Harrison twins selected Kentucky, we bid them farewell. That was as exciting as recruiting can get, although the excitement was over the moment the word “Kentucky” rolled off their lips.
TerpTalk was ready to roll, as Bruce had TTDan on the show yesterday afternoon (ESPN1300) to talk recruiting.  In the DC market, the announcement was carried live by ESPN980 on the Sports Reporters show. Chris Knoche, the Terps basketball color man was on the show.  Of course the circus was carried live by ESPNU on television.
As I have been writing and saying, it was great that Maryland was in the hunt.  We fought Kentucky for Xavier transfer Dez Wells and won that battle a few weeks ago.  We don’t always lose the recruiting battles.  See new Terps Jake Layman, Charles Mitchell, Shaq Cleare and superstar Stefon Diggs.  We just lost this battle.  
If you are looking for a bright spot, we are starting to win our share of battles.  You can’t win the games if you don’t have the players.  We, our Terps, are starting to get the players.  Mark Turgeon, Bino Ransom, Scott Spinelli and the rest of the basketball organization will get the recruiting done to make Maryland basketball as good as it can be.  
How good is that? If you walk through the lobby of Comcast, there are a few national championship trophies to see.  We can be that good again and soon.
Wayne “the fan”
Holy cow was that exciting – I was driving from Columbia towards Olney and listening on the radio.  It was like when the whole season comes down to field goal attempt.  You feel it in your gut and you can’t get comfortable.  You gotta move, thump the steering wheel. Fidget with the sound on the radio.  Move the sun visor around.
And then — there it was, Kentucky.  They said it.  I waited a heartbeat or two.  They were asked a question and gave a silly answer to when or why they decided for KU.  And then I did what any true Maryland fan would do.  Turned the damn thing off.  
We will find a way to win anyhow.  They could been something really special in Maryland.
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Wayne Viener