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David Stern Vetoes Trade Sending Chris Paul to the Lakers For Reasons ...

It sure took the Buss family long to begin to destroy the goal of the lockout. Mitch Kupchak struck a deal which essentially traded Lamar Odum, and Pau Gasol for the #1 point guard in the game. After Dallas owner Mark Cuban protested vehemently along with many NBA owners, Stern nixed the deal. Be patient however now the Lakers will jsut wait and sign him as a free agent. Contraction is inevitable.

Sunday NBA Predictions

From time to time, I will pick some games for my blog followers. Proceed with caution!!!!

Lakers 107 Utah 96                             Bynum is back, Lakers Vegas favorite to win it all.

Magic 99 76ers 92                                No match for Dwight Howard who will totally dominate this series

Heat 101  Atlanta 95                            Dwade   D wade   Dwade  says it all

Denver 96  New Orleans 92            Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba Billups

NBA Playoffs
Debate Rages Over New Arena, O’s Fall to Angels 6-5

It only took one day for the doomsayers to eject small time thinking and predict failure for the vision of Mayor Dixon over the new proposed arena.  Last year when I talked to Commissioner Stern he could not have been more negative about the possibilities for expansion but in light of the moving of the Seattle franchise to Oklahoma City, even Stern realizes a franchise could move at any time!!!  When the project is finished, Baltimore will be sitting waiting for an anxious owner to jump on the benefits of a publicly funded arena.There is no doubt in my mind that a NBA team could flourish here. Would the Wizards be smart enough to placate the market and give Baltimore 6-8 home games to try to control the market.  The Redskins failed to include a heartbroken Baltimore and the Orioles never offered to play any games in DC, so will the Wizards not learn from the past–probably. Time will tell.

The Olympic team demolished Canada in an exhibition last night, proving nothing.  In fact I am not sure what the whole process does prove.  What I do see is a disturbing trend of European basketball stealing mid level players by paying more for their talents.  Example: Josh Childress signed a 3 year 30 million dollar deal to play ball in Europe as the Hawks were only able to offer 15 million.The raid is starting.

The Orioles fell to 48-54 dropping a close game to the Angels 6-5 despite Kevin Millar’s 2 Hrs.  Perhaps he will be the 3rd Oriole to be traded next week along with Huff and Sherrill.

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