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“The Maestro” Gary Williams Weighs In–“Move to...
Former Maryland coach Gary Williams said today that the school’s proposed move to the Big Ten would be a tremendous boost for the Terps’ athletic program.
In a telephone interview with The Baltimore Sun today, Williams said the school’s long history with ACC doesn’t pay the bills.
“You look around today with what’s going on, and those schools [in the Big Ten] are certainly in keeping with what Maryland feels about academics. You look at a school like Notre Dame that signed its own TV contract and are now partially joining the ACC. They’re looking out for their university. I think Maryland is looking at what’s best for them for the future. It’s not about today.”  
Williams, who played at Maryland in the mid-1960s, returned to his alma mater from Ohio State in 1989 after coaching in the Big Ten for three years. He also served as an analyst on the Big Ten Network last season after retiring in May 2011.         
“I coached in the [ACC] for 22 years. There’s great memories there, without a doubt. At the same time, you have to look at what’s best for the university,” Williams said. “I’m familiar with the Big Ten, coaching there and working at the Big Ten Network last year. I think I have a decent perspective. If I was coaching at Maryland now, historically in football there’s been good years [for the ACC], but the league has never been where it can pull your football program along a little bit.”
Williams thinks that many older fans will look forward to renewing a rivalry with Penn State in football — the teams last played in 1993 — and that the basketball team will get out from the shadow of Duke and North Carolina to play in what is arguably a stronger league right now.
“Who’s our rival in football? You can’t come up with a name and neither can I,” Williams said. “Who’s our rival in basketball? We can say Duke and Carolina, but we basically will be playing them once a year now. Duke and Carolina, that’s the rivalry. They don’t look at it as Maryland being their rival. The old ACC where you play everyone twice a year and see who’s the best team at the end of the year, that’s not happening anymore. The Big Ten, last I checked, had five teams in the top 20 in basketball.”
Williams said that joining the Big Ten would be a boost for athletes in non-revenue sports.
“That’s a tremendous thing for all your sports. [Big Ten Network] reaches 82 million households. They put on all the Olympic sports and they get national attention,” Williams said. 
Williams said that he has talked with Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson about the possible move.
“Every once in a while it takes courage, without a doubt. There will be people who are not happy about leaving the ACC, but if you weigh everything, academically and sportswise,” Williams said. “You have to look at schools — why Nebraska did it, why Notre Dame did it. You can go right down the line. You have to get out of the mentality, we’re different because we’re Maryland. You’re not.”
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Coach K–“It’s an honor to be here” Speaks of G...

“I did something privately for him where I made a tape for him, gave him a toast. They didn’t have anything in the glass so I guess he owes me a drink. But, I love what Gary did for our league, not just for Maryland. He’s a fierce competitor, really one of the outstanding coaches in the history of college basketball, not just in the conference. I think you have to reward his commitment.

“When he did come [to Maryland] he came here from a great job. His love for the university being a graduate showed every time he coached; he was like a player. He and I are really close friends, and I think we became that because he knows that I’m a competitor and we respect one another. So that’s why I did the video, pumped him up in front of his fans hoping that would help him. Something like that is forever, and I appreciate it dearly at Duke. I would hope that everyone who has played basketball here at Maryland understands that the court is for everybody. It’s not just the guys who played for Gary. I mean Lefty [Driesell] started something here on a national level that was unbelievable. Some of the greatest players to ever play college basketball played here at Maryland for Lefty. Hopefully no one has forgotten, it’s a rich history of basketball here at Maryland. Beautiful basketball at Cole [Field House] and now here, so it’s an honor to be here for this game. I’m very happy for him.”


Duke Comes To Comcast Tonight—Chance For a Showcase Win The Nigh...

from umterps.com—scouting the Devils

• Duke, the sixth-ranked team in the country, is 16-3 overall and 4-1 in the ACC… The Blue Devils are coming off their first conference loss, a 76-73 home defeat to Florida State that snapped a 45-game home winning streak.

• Freshman Austin Rivers earned his fourth ACC Rookie of the Week honor last week and leads the team in scoring at 14.4 ppg… Rivers is one of three Blue Devils shooting at least 40 percent from 3-point range – Rivers is hitting at a .400 mark, junior guard Andre Dawkins is shooting .419 and junior forward Ryan Kelly is shooting .460.

• Duke leads the ACC and in field-goal percentage (.492) and 3-point field-goal percentage (.409), marks that respectively rank 13th and seventh nationally… The Blue Devils are also first in the ACC with 8.2 3-point FGs per game – in addition to Rivers, Dawkins and Kelly, junior guard Seth Curry has made 32 of 83 (.386) 3-pointers this season.

• Those four, along with junior forward Mason Plumlee, are all aver- aging double figures in scoring… Plumlee is shooting 61 percent from the field, averaging 11.2 ppg and 9.3 rebounds per game, which ranks third in the conference.

My take on tonight—Why not? Duke starts 5 future NBAers—certainly Austin Rivers might be a one and done guy. These guys are above McD AA–they are the most highly recruited guys in the country. This team is the best you could ever put together but not the best in the ACC–FSU is. But this night will belong to Maryland. Why because the Maestro is being honored and every Maryland bball player in recent memory will be in attendance (except Greivis who has a date with his former teammate KD in Oklahoma City). Tonight Turgeon will learn what a Terrapin crowd can be like. Tonight Senior Sean Mosley will be showcased and the leading scorer in the ACC — Terrell will put on a clinic. Tonight James Padgett will display his offensive rebounding prowess. And somewhere around midnight PeShon will drive to the bucket and dish to Stolin in the corner for a game winner!!! Even after Sunday night we must never lose our dreams. Terps 78 Duke 76.

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Gary’s Opening Comments at his Retirement Announcement

Sorry it’s late:

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Rebroadcast of 5-5-2011 Koons Ford Terp Talk—Gary Retires

Terp Talk Thursday Night 05-05-11

Host–Bruce Posner Guests Keith Cavanaugh, Dino
Subjects–Gary retires suddenly, Possible coaching candidates, Lax news, Terp news,

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Random thoughts:

I trust our AD to make the right call.


This hire is SOOOOOOOOO important to Terrapin Nation. I originally liked the idea of Sean Miller because I thought he wanted the job so much. I want someone who is dieing for the role. Someone who loves and understands Maryland basketball. I always felt Gary lived and died with every game–why ?–because he loves the University so much. Terrapin Nation deserves that kind of Coach. He must be out there somewhere.

His graduation rate must be excellent and his recruiting ties are crucial. Yes I want it all because Terrapin nation der

Maryland Basketball
Brey Still In The Picture—John Lucas Throws His Hat into The Rin...

The hunt goes on. I guess when you try to hire someone who is already making 1-2 million a year, you better have 3 or 4 guys ready as backups. At this moment -that is 1AM Monday morning perhaps the field looks like the following:

John Lucas– a late entry who has coached on many levels and of course is the accomplished point guard for the Terps under Lefty—longshot

Mike Brey -Coach of the Regular season Big East champion Notre Dame–defeated UConn twice, Villanova , Pitt–#2 seed in NCAA

Mark Turgeon–Texas A&M coach—still don’t know much about him—successful in Big 12—ties to BW area?

Rob Ehsan–Asst to the Maestro Gary Williams, hasn’t beeen a head Coach yet–great recruiter–Rob and Bino have made a great recruiting team

Rick Barnes–great reegular season success at Texas—knows the ACC—doesn’t seem like the Terps want him

Todd Bozman–great job at Morgan State—haven’t heard his name yet

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The Maestro Bids Farewell To Terp Nation

from umterps.com  Videos will be posted soon

Maryland basketball coach Gary Williams made it official during a news conference Friday afternoon at the Comcast Center.

After a legendary head coaching career spanning 33 years, including the last 22 at his alma mater, Williams announced his retirement. “I have great confidence in the future of the basketball program because of these gentlemen (Dr. Wallace Loh and Kevin Anderson) sitting here,” Williams said. “It’s not about supporting a player or a coach. It’s about supporting the Maryland basketball program. The bottom line is this program is in capable hands. Our current players are going to do an outstanding job. I am very confident we can have a program for everyone to be proud of in the future.”

At the hour-long news conference, Loh announced that the University would begin the steps to name the Comcast Center court after Williams. “Gary, you are a champion on the court, and a champion in the community,” Loh said. “Your legacy here will live forever. So therefore, in the coming weeks I will join Kevin Anderson in accepting his recommendation to the Board of Regents of this university that this basketball court be named in your honor.”

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Gary Goes To Houston Again and Again Wooing Shaq Cleare

It’s clear that Shaquille is one of the final pieces of the puzzle Coach Williams believes will create a title contender in 2012. According to Keith Cavanaugh tonight on Terp talk, Gary just made his 3rd trip to Houston. Keith believes its between Texas A&M and the Terps with Maryland having a slight edge. The 2012 class’ first member is the phenom Justin Anderson from Montrose Christian.

2012 Basketball Recruits
More on Williams Yow—–The gauntlet has been layed down.

Last year when NC State rifled the Champs Sports Bowl away from a more deserving Terrapin squad, I kept my mouth shut not trying to provoke the obvious. when Coach Tom O’Brien ridiculed the Maryland faithful, I could take it no longer. Maryland soundly thrashed the Wolfpack yet behind the scenes deals and manipulations probably cost the Terps the game and eventually Ralph his job. That is what I dislike about the ACC —it is a Carolina situation. Now I know why Debbie refused to listen when the Big Ten came calling. She probably knew she was leaving and understood how crucial Maryland is to the conference. Could the directive have been as follows from Commisioner Swofford. Convince the faithful the ACC is the only way to go. I am not buyimng. Just one more ACC blemish. By the way Coach Edsall, you might want to put a little asterisk next to the Nov 26 date at NC State.

The thought that Gary would go on a phone calling spree to disrupt the NC State hiring process is so laughable. Everyone in the country knew of the friction betweem Gary and Debbie. This was no secret. What idiotic applicant would call Gary too get his opinion on someone he disliked. Why did Debbie go there? Why in front of new coach did she make it abundantly clear he wasn’t the first choice. Wolfpack back to the glory days. I doubt it.

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Gary Williams –Debbie Yow Feud Escalates—Gary’s Only...

Direct from the Washington Post and then I will give you my take:

Mark Tuesday down as the day when the Gary Williams-Debbie Yow feud got real. Like, ugly and unpleasant and public and brutish and nasty and public and really, really real. The climax came during Yow’s N.C. State press conference Tuesday afternoon. “I don’t have a reputation across all men’s basketball as being difficult to work with,” Yow told chuckling reporters. “I have a reputation of not getting along with Gary Williams, who has tried to sabotage the search. C’mon. We all know that. Okay? So, whatever. It’s not a reputation, it’s Gary Williams out there doing his thing. Whatever.”

Williams responded via a statement, which I’m borrowing from the Baltimore Sun:“I haven’t talked to anyone — coach or athletic director — connected to the N.C. State search. I don’t have any interest in the N.C. State search, since I’m coaching at Maryland and working hard to run our program. Anyone who says I’ve had contact with a prospective coach or athletic director regarding this search isn’t being truthful.”

My take: Gary is traveling around the country looking to secure additional recruits for the upcoming years. Why in the world would he worry about damaging NC State. His only concern is to get Maryland back to a top ten 10 program and hs is certainly been on the right track track lately with the recent commitments to to the Terps. Perhaps one of the top players in the nation–Justin Anderson has verballed to Maryland for 2012. Next year Sterling Gibbs, Nick Faust, and Martin Breunig have signed with Maryland. Gary and the staff are still pursuing Desmond Hubert perhaps the best big left for 2011. Then there is the Jordan Williams situation he has to deal with.From my knowledge— terrapintimes.com he has been to Houston twice to recruit 6’9 250 lb Shaquille Cleare. Nah, I’m not buying. Much more on Koons Ford Terp Talk Thursday night.

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Aran Smith, President of NBADraft.net. Comments on Jordan Williams

from Jeff Barker’s article in the Sun:

Smith: “He is rolling the dice to leave his name in, as not every scout we speak with projects him in the first round. He would benefit from (another) year at Maryland, but he appears to be prepared to attempt the jump to the next level. Williams impressed this year with his offensive development and dominant interior play. He shows a solid shooting form and developing post skills. He also shows the dedication to improve as seen in his body transformation between his sophomore and junior seasons. He still needs to continue to trim down and tone his body and improve his cardio. Dropping an additional 10-15 pounds would make him lighter on his feet and give him better mobility defensively. He also should be shooting at a much higher rate from the line considering his solid form.”

Jordan Williams