Lance Reiterates-Kansas, Maryland, and St Johns Still His 3 Choices

Catch Matt Bracken’s blog for everything that happened today concerning Born Ready. Matt will be on Terp talk next Tuesday to update Maryland’s recruiting for men’s basketball. Here are some of my theories as to why the scale is beginning to tip in Maryland’s favor in its quest for Lance: (Remember this is speculation not fact)

With Calipari’s defection to Kentucky, Xavier Henry is free to decommit and from Memphis and possibly go to his original 2nd choice Kansas. If Lance was going to commit today to Kansas, this surely would stop him. With Sherron Collins (3rd team All American ) and X on the team, Lance would never control the game like he needs to.

Lance’s father clearly states Greivis’ decision to stay or leave is a crucial to Lance’s final answer. If Greivis does leave, Lance could easily become the guy who controls the ball and still have a Senior (Hayes) and a Junior (Bowie) to complement him. If you hear X is going to Kansas then expect the Terps to wind up with Lance. ¬†Maybe Lance finally realizes his future would be much better in the hands of Coach Williams.

Finally, the future of the Terps is looking brighter and brighter. If Greivis comes back then the only change would be a swap of big men–Williams and Padgett for Dave Neal. I loved the way Dave Neal came through for the Terps But…………….. ¬†

Anyway, listen to Terp Talk Thursday night for much more on the Born ready situation.

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  1. Terpfan

    If the choice was to have Greivis leave, and Lance become the guy to “control the ball,” I would MUCH rather have Greivis stay. That kid has heart. He is personally invested in the game for doing his best for the team, Maryland, and Gary. I just can’t see Stephenson rallying the team in late game situations like Greivis did. Or caring if the coach’s job was supposedly on the line and making a late run through both the tourneys, like Greivis did.

    I’m having mixed feelings on Stephenson. I’d like to get him to quiet Gary haters and the Washington post, but I’m hesitant about how he would fit into the chemistry of the team.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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