Darrius Heyward Bey 1st Wide Receiver Selected in the Draft—Validates His Selection of Maryland

From the Sun, check out this video of DHB with his family at the time of the announcement. When I go back over DHB’s career at Maryland the only thoughts I have of him were scoring touchdowns. It seems like every time he touched the ball  zooooom he was gone. The Oakland Raiders have selected a great athlete and a great kid. After 2 years in the NFL the second guessing of selecting him over Crabtree will cease. He is a special talent. For Darrius and all Maryland fans, it’s a great day to be a Terp.

Coach Friedgen commented on the 1st round selection of Darrius after the game “I’m so, so ecstatic about that. I’m really happy for Darrius. I was really worried about that, but to go seventh…When we called, they were picking him lower first round, maybe even early second. To move up in the draft and go seventh, I’m just excited for him and for his Mom, Vivian, and his aunt and everyone else. It’s a great day for them. I figured it is a great day for Maryland. We get criticized about recruiting, and we’ve had a sixth, an 11th and a seventh pick. When has that been done in Maryland history, in the history of Maryland football? And you know what’s even better? Every one of them is from this area. So don’t tell me you can’t come to Maryland and reach your goals, because you can. I think these guys are very indicative of that, and we’ve got 26 other guys who are active [in the NFL] right now, and they’ve done very well, also.”

The Ravens proved again that all the predictions of the so called local experts is a joke. Ozzie and his crew select who they want and have been great at keeping things a secret. Believe me if the Ravens really wanted the OSU tight end, they would have moved up in the draft. Put your faith in Ozzie and DeCosta.

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