Terp Talk Tonight at 6PM on ESPN 1300 —Will Greivis Return?—410-296-6276 Call in Tonight

That’s the headline and topic for the show tonight. Dino will be in to co-host. The new studio has its phone now–410-296 6276. Call in and tell me Will Greivis return and if not will Lance be a Terp? Email any opinions on this matter to bruce@terptalk.com. I would love to have some of ourr regular forum writers like terplaw and fkterp call in tonight. Listen in on the web on the site by clicking ListenLive!!!! If you miss the show tomorrow you can catch the replay which should be up by 11PM.

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  1. freddy kallens

    won’t be home to listen tonight but like to put my 2 cents in. don’t think vasquez is going to leave. i think he understands (or i hope he understands) he needs to improve his game in several areas. one is he needs to more consistent with his outside shot..and he needs to work on quickness and explosiveness. there are a lot of good guards coming out this year and i don’t think vasquez will be in a top 40 picks. to get the real money, 3 yr guarantee you have to go in the first round. one more year as a fulltime point guard could take him to the top 20 in next year’s draft. also i think he really has a lot of loyalty to gary and the school. as far as lance i say no no matter what. he lacks quickness is not real athletic and he uses his size to overpower smaller high school guards. he is more of a driver and doesn’t have a pure long range jump shot. he hogs the ball his attitude stinks his father sounds like a putz and only wants to stay one yr. if you had an experienced quality front line bringing in a one yr player like a carmello or rose where you have a chance to go far in the ncaa’s that’s ok..but not ok when you have 2 freshman coming in up front. and one last thing on the terps.. i think that goins is going to a decent player this yr. giving the team 10-12 min of solid play. don’t forget he was 6′ 4″ in 9th grade grew 6 inches in about 30 minutes and broke his leg his jr. yr. on the orioles it’s all about 2010. they have 10 potential starters for next yr. koji, guthrie, hill, bergesen, berken, hernandez, patton, matusz, tillman and arrieta. though i think guthrie is a solid pitcher but he is a few yrs older than the “kiddie korps”. so i were the gm i would trade guthrie along with baez who is a free agent and sherrill for some young quality prospects, like a 3rd baseman, shortstop and or first base prospect. ray is your closer for the future, johnson, albers, sarfate and bass are all good and throw hard and i could see takng two of the kiddie korps and putting them in the bullpen. i’m against the “specialty” pitcher who comes in to face one or two hitters like walker was used. unless you get that batter or two out you basically fail. so why not have a bunch of hard throwers who can pitch to lefties and righties pitch more than one inning if needed and you can open a space up for an additional bench player. that’s it from boca raton fkterp signing out.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. Terptek

    Greivis stays.
    Lance announces it’s the Terps on July 20th.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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