ESPN’s Andy Katz Weighs in on Vasquez Decision

“Greivis Vasquez, Jr., Maryland: A number of teams contacted by said Vasquez is a strong second-round selection, but if he returned he could be a solid first-round pick in 2010. Maryland coach Gary Williams is adamant that Vasquez will be top-20 in 2010. Williams said Thursday night that he’s confident Vasquez will make an informed decision, sounding like someone who doesn’t think his top point guard is leaving. But it’s a bit early to project. Vasquez has one more workout (at Philadelphia on Saturday), but the Sixers aren’t going to pick Vasquez at No. 17. Philly could be working out Vasquez in case it moves back.”

Tough decision for Greivis but several things remain clear: almost everyone key person in the NBA has seen Greivis close up therefore he should know what he needs to improve on. There is almost no question Maryland will be a better team next year which means even more accolades for Greivis.  European money is supposedly drying up. So the decision comes down to taking the short non guaranteed money this year or waiting for life changing 1st round guaranteed bonanza next year. Stay tuned!!!!

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  1. ESPN’s Andy Katz Weighs in on Vasquez Decision

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