Freddy From Boca Weighs In on The Terps—Part 1

 I think Maryland needs to follow a similar blueprint that got them to the final 4 in 2002.  4 man big man rotation.  Padgett, Williams, Goins, and  Gregory.  Padgett and Williams will be a tremendous upgrade from Braxton Dupree.   I don’t think you can expect Williams and Padgett to do a lot offensively particularly early in the season, but they need to play defense, rebound on both ends, alter some shots, block some shots and be able to catch the ball down low and kick it out to open men on the 3 pt line when the defense sags in. If you can get the ball to an outside shooter who only needs to catch and shoot their 3 pt fg % will increase.  This will also open up the inside because defenses will rotate back out then guards can dump down to the big men if they  re-position themselves deep near the basket.  If the 4 big men can play decently not great but o.k. then Milbourne can play the 3..  he’s tough defensively and hits the 10-15 footer consistently and he plays hard.  I’d like to see him use the pump fake and drive a little more.  Mosley to me is a Byron Mouton type player, he does whatever is needed. he plays good d, passes well. rebounds well and goes after loose balls well.  Sean needs to be able to knock down the short and mid range jumpers much better than last year.   When Tucker has the ball in his hands good things happen.  I hope him and Greivis can develop some kind of chemistry because Tucker can pass, he has good court sense, can hit the 3 but when he handles the ball good things happen.  Hayes should excel off the bench.  After the duke game last year his confidence in his offensive abilities went way up.  Eric showed he can take over a game if needed, he can shoot well from the outside, he showed more confidence and ability driving, he can pass and has great court sense, so he can run the offense or play off guard.  Dino Gregory needs to play down low despite the fact he is undersized.  i think that he needs to be a guy who just goes all out on d hits the boards sets picks and only shoots when he has a lay-up.  So far he not displayed any real offensive skills.  Goins might be a sleeper.  Don’t forget he was 6’4″ in 9th grade, grew 6 inches between 6th and 7th period, broke his leg in 11th grade and was really heavy and out of shape his senior year.  In the very little time he played last year. I could see he had athleticism, good hands and footwork and some offensive skills  and I think he could block 2-3 shots a game. I think he’ll give the team some quality minutes off the bench though most people I talk to think i’m crazy.  

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  1. Rob Hanslev

    Freddy – good insight. Keep posting – I am always on the lookout for your comments!

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. Mapman

    Freddy from Boca seems to have a pretty good handle on the Terps. Looks like he’s done his homework.

    One difference of opinon. Goins should be Gone. He shows very little skills around the hoop. Big Body, No Game

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  3. Terptek

    Thanks Freddy. I notice an underlying theme when you describe the team as compared with many of Gary’s teams in years past – almost all players wind up improving over their time playing with Gary and his asst. coaches.

    If Greivis improves this year from last (which I like many think is needed and will happen), I know the rest of our tireless workers will make something of this season. However, the staff and guys will hard to work hard for everything they earn. Terrapin fans have come to love that aspect of many of our teams – I’d rather it be that way – one of life’s lessons for many of us…

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

    • Bruce

      Terptek, is there anything you would like to blog on. I will be glad to publish it.
      Jusr email it to me

      Reply ·   11/12/2019

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