Messages Coming From All Over The Country Expressing Grief over the Loss Of Maryland Legend King Corcoran

I never thought that the site would be blanketed by emails from King Corcoran fans all over the USA and Canada. Thursday night on a special edition of Terp Talk, I will relay many of the stories I have been told and hopefully we will have several phone interviews concerning the flamboyant life of the Man who spread the Terrapin name around the country, King Corcoran.

 There will be a memorial service for King Corcoran at Sligo SDA Church on Wednesday, July 1, 2009, at 7 pm. This is located at 7700 Carroll Ave, Takoma Park, MD 20912. Their phone is 301-270-6777. Donations towards his funeral arrangements can be sent to them, c/o King Corcoran arrangements.

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  1. Chip Myrtle

    I have very nice memories of being a teammate of Jimmy Corcoran at the University of Maryland. He cared for the University and his teammates and took football very seriously.
    Upon graduation Jimmy was nice enough to invite me to Belmar, New Jersey for 10 days to live with his family and to have our final workouts together, as we were both signed by the Denver Broncos, but had to compete with 125 other signees in order to begin the season on a 40 man roster with the Broncos. During our time in Belmar,NJ, Jimmy was very giving with me, helping me to get better, while correcting very gently my mistakes. Thanks to Jimmy, we both made the final roster. In those days the money wasn’t as good as it is today, so Jimmy asked our coach, Lou Saban, to call up the New York Jets and negotiate a trade, which Coach Saban did. Jimmy needed to make a little more money and it would go farther workiing closer to home (as the expenses would be much less for a man with a wife and kids and fresh out of college). Another friend and teammate of mine, Jim Turner, who was the Jets placekicker at the time, assured me that Jimmy’s flamboyant career continued to to thrive in the Big Apple.
    Jimmy will always be in my prayers and I send my love and Best Wishes to his wife, Mary Lou, and Jimmy Jr.
    chip myrtle

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. Chip Myrtle

    I truely believe in ‘moderation’ in everything. That is why I did not include that Jimmy Corcoran was the Half Time Entertainment of an early SuperBowl (SB II, III, or IV?). He was shown as the QB of a touch game on the Beach @ Belmar,NJ with Mary Lou, Jay Nussbaum and other family and friends segueing into a flamboyant lifestyle of driving his Mark III with an in car Loud Speaker asking pedestrians on the street to clear the way for “The King” was being held up by the ‘riff raff’ on Main St. Or Jimmy’s record breaking passing performance in a Nationally Televised game against Penn State while a manned rocket launch being displayed in the upper left quarter of the TV screen. ..Jimmy Corcoran would not be pre-empted, if NBC had anything to do with it.Jimmy caused a riot in a high school game against Bayonne, NJ High, when after the half, he re-entered the field strutting wareing a cape and dark sunglasses.
    Jimmy helped a couple of ‘wall flowers’ attaining success by re-naming them ‘Sunny J.’ Shannon (from Teddy Jaskavitz) and the ‘original Golden Boy’ Michael ‘Don’t call me Mickey’ Patryn. (now a Big time Attorney in Southern California)
    Or Michael Kellogg, today a respected Supreme Court Justice, in the State of California, who was inspired by Jimmy Corcoran in 1967, while both were employed by Denver Broncos. It is very unfare to diminish a life as Jim Corcoran’s
    under the auspices of ‘moderation’. I haven’t even touched on his professional career with Denver, the NY Jets, New England Pats, the Eagles, Canada, or the Philadelphia Bell coached by GB Packer great Willie Wood…or the Pottsdown Firebirds with General Manager Ronnie Waller (former LA Rams and Maryland great).
    It is better to just give his name , as a former Maryland athlete that has passed…and let those of us, who knew Jim and loved him contemplate his life.

    Please do not ‘moderate’, shorten, or change what I have originally written…please do not print an abbreviated version. I am okay with nothing appearing at all.

    chip myrtle

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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