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I just read an interesting article on Maryland QB1 Chris Turner by Jeff Barker in the Sun. The following is his synopsis of Turner:

Assets: Poise, smarts, toughness. Turner is at his best in big games. Maryland says he has led the Terps to six wins in seven games against Top 25 teams in the AP poll. Among the most memorable came when he entered after Jordan Steffy suffered a concussion in Turner’s sophomore season and helped beat No. 10 Rutgers.

Needs to work on: Arm strength, mobility. Sure. Maryland would love to have a quarterback making plays with speed and moves when the pocket collapses. That’s not going to happen much with Turner.

I believe that Harpo has had an EXCELLENT career at College Park. Because he is not a great practice player, he has never completely won over Coach Friedgen until this year. However Chris is always there when it matters. In the Maryland QB tradion of Boomer, McBrien, Reich, etc, Chris is a true gunslinger. It is only fitting that on a night when we honor the career of King Corcoran, we also stand behind Chris Turner!!!

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  1. freddy in beautiful boca raton

    Excellent career? I don’t think so. Very good when playing ranked teams? Yes. Inconsistent in other games? Yes. Boomer had an excellent career. Dick Shiner had an excellent career. McBrien played more consistently than Turner as did Shaun Hill. This year he has some outstanding running backs behind him. Some young, fast receivers to throw to. But no matter how good your q.b. is…no matter how good the running backs are…unless the offensive line does it s job there’s not going to be sufficient time for the q.b. pass to those receivers and no holes for those good backs to run through. Successful football teams are strong in the trenches.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. freddy in beautiful boca raton

    here’s a few other q.b’s better than turner…frank reich, stan gelbaugh, bob avellini, mark manges, scott zolak, alan pastrana, tommy mont, jack scarbath and curly byrd himself. but not al neville, ben kinard or larry dick

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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