One Fan Wants to See Jonathan Graham Wearing A Terrapin Uniform

First impressions to even novice fans seem to have some extra meaning. Two years ago I ventured to Calvert Hall on Super Bowl Sunday to watch Braxton Dupree, who had just committed to Maryland. At that time the jury was out on Braxton. He had been injured I believe and was not at 100%. A good kid but one who needed more seasoning to prepare for the ACC. On the other hand the second I watched Sean Mosley, I knew he had the stuff to become a great Terrapin. His first year certainly proved that was so. This past winter, I went to Montrose to watch Terrence Ross who was then being recruited by Maryland. INSTANTLY, anyone can tell that this kid is special.Back to Calvert Hall, so I am watching Braxton and I begin to notice Ernie Graham’s son, Jonathan,, then just in the 9th grade. The kid had nice inside moves, was obviously very young, but he stood strong in the battle. It is Ernie’s dream for the kid to be a Terp. Though I haven’t seen him in the past year , the reports I read in are very positive. I believe Jonathan would prefer Maryland over other offers he receives. as he has been a regular attendee at Terrapin games for years.  I sure hope Coach Williams believes he is worthy of one of the precious basketball scholarships. Something  just seems right about seeing Jonathan Graham at Comcast. 

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    i know someone well who knows ernie graham and from what i’ve been told gary wants nothing to do ewith ernie. how that would effect md wanting his son that i don’t know. from reports that i have read jonanthan lacks strength at this time to play power forward and his outside shot is limited to about 15 ft. but i’ve read he may still be growing. my gut feeling is md would go after him as a 4th or 5th choice but not a guy they are probably not looking to seriously recruit at this time. but who knows. one thing is for sure, i still remember ernie’s 44 vs. n c st. and that game made ernie believe he should have been the number one guy on his team which featured albert king, buck williams and greg manning. sadly that team didn’t have a quality point guard. reggie jackson got worse as time went on and i think dutch morley was his back up who had good court sense but lacked size and quickness. i think they got beat by georgetown in the ncaa’s.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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