Maryland To The Big East—-NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A couple a days ago there was a New York Post report by Lenn Robbins as well as Jeff Barker’s mention on the Baltimore Sun blog “Tracking the Terps” that the Big East might be interested in getting Boston College and Maryland.  The New York Post said of Maryland that “always has played Big East schools, and the balance of power in the ACC is in the south,” but also that the proposal is “far-fetched on the surface.”  Barker quoted AD Deborah Yow as saying that they have not heard from the Big East and that the report was “silliness.”


On the surface, a change to the Big East might not sound like a bad idea.  The rivalries could be great, getting back on the court with Georgetown on a regular basis plus making the recent Maryland-West Virginia football rivalry a big one.  The travel would not be too bad either, going to the northeast as opposed to the south.


But think of the problems associated with the Big East.  The football side cannot be what it is cracked up to be.  In 2005, three of the best football teams the Big East had, Miami, Virginia Tech, and Boston College, all left the Big East to join the ACC.  After those three teams left, the Big East could not get any major football team to join the conference in their place.  Leaving the conference would mean a downgrade in football talent plus there would be no chance for a championship game, since the Big East does not have enough teams to support it.


Also think about what the ACC is to the Terps.  Maryland is a founding member of the conference plus one of its most important players.  The university has 25 national championships, second only to UNC, which is often helped by the strength of the conference.  Plus, two of Maryland’s biggest rivals, Virginia and Duke, are in this conference.  There is so much history with Maryland and this conference that it is not worth leaving, at all.


Let’s hope this report is exactly what Deborah Yow thinks it is, “silliness.”


Blog from Terrapin 09 Graduate Dave Vatz

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  1. Carl Williams

    BC was not the better team. Pitt, Syracuse, and WVU OWN BC in the all time series. They also own VT too. Check your stats pal.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. freddy from boca

    well dave a couple of things i’m pretty sure the big east is bcs conference so their top team could play for the bcs championship. 2nd west va. big rival is pitt and that’s not going to change. va. big rival in conference is va. tech. duke’s main rival is n.c sadly maryland has no real rivalry with any acc team and no real rivalry with any school. actually i would think penn st would be the best choice if they played each year. even if they played navy every year, navy plays army and even navy-notre name is a bigger rivalry for navy. if md and georgetown wanted to play each other every year they would and that would be a great basketball rivalry and i see no reason why they wouldn’t if for no other reason the travel costs. heck they could take the subway. the story was absurd but as a terp talk reader i’m glad you wrote in with your take because so few people do. and the nice thing is people can respond back to you with their opinion. that’s want would make this website so good. people expressing their opinion.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  3. jack

    go to the big east. nc schools control the acc and it is bias with only 1 reporter with voting rights from md. even gt has more than us. we do not get a fair representation

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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