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Center  Len Elmore, great rebounder, shot blocker, could score.  Played before the shot clock so he would have had many more rebounds if he had played in that era.  2nd team. Charles “Buck” Williams.  Really an insult to put Buck, who was a power forward playing center, on the 2nd team.  Who was tougher than Buck?  No one.  Who played with more passion than Buck?  No one.  He ate up Ralph Sampson, a 3 time All-American, every time the two played against each other. Buck!  And please don’t say Joe Smith should be mentioned here.  If Joe and Buck played head to head, both in their prime, Joe would have given up the game.  As Lefty said many times, Buck was a horse. 

Bruce’s comments–Freddy, you have them in the wrong order–Buck Williams was superior to Lenny as a Terp and in the pros. Also, don’t diminish what Joe Smith did as a Terp–1995 Consensus Player of the Year.

 Power Forward.  Len’s teammate Tom McMillen, the University of Maryland’s only Rhodes Scholar.  Cerebral, brilliant shooter inside or outside.  Automatic from the free throw line. Had Tom played in the 3 point and shot clock era he would have easily averaged 25-30 points a game.  2nd team.  I’ll go with Keith Booth.  Undersized, not a very good shooter but tough and selfless.  A terrific team player.

Bruce’s Comment—-Chris Wilcox gets the nod over Keith. Wilcox’s powerhouse play led the Terps to the title. If Chris would have come back–it would have been a repeat for the Terps.

 Small Forward.  Len Bias.  Great outside shot.  A monster on the inside.  Would go up for a shot, his opponent would go up and start to come down and Bias would still be going up. Trust me, I hate Lenny for being a schmuck and doing coke, but what a ball player, and he had so much room for improvement.  2nd team.  Albert King. I felt badly for King his freshman year.  He was surrounded by too many guys who had no idea how to play basketball.  Albert’s junior year was as good as anyone could play.  His basketball I.Q. is off the charts. A brilliant college basketball player.

Bruce’s comment–No argument here

 Shooting guard..  Juan Dixon.  Deadly shooter.  More importantly tremendous heart.  Would not allow his team to lose during the championship run.  I love Juan Dixon.    2nd team.  Greg Manning.  Great college basketball player.  Automatic from the field and the line.  Had the team he played on with Albert, Ernie and Buck had a decent point guard that team would have won a NCAA championship.

Bruce’s Comment–Though his role was  questionable as either a 1 or a 2, Stevie Francis’ year at Maryland might have been the best any player has ever had as a Terp. Greg Manning, Steve Franchise, cmon Freddy!!!!


Point Guard.  For me Brad Davis.  Yes, I know Lucas had a more heralded career.  But no Maryland point guard ran the fast break and was as creative as Breezy and he was a clutch shooter.  And to think, Davis played center in high school.  2nd team.  John Lucas.  No doubt a great guard from his first game as a Terp.  But he threw the ball away in O.T. against N.C. State in the “Greatest College Basketball Game” ever played on an inbounds play which hurt Maryland badly and the play against U.C.L.A. when the Terps could have taken the lead in the last seconds and Lucas dribbled the ball off his leg when David Myers switched on him…well I could strangle Lucas.  But no doubt Luke was terrific.

 Bruce’s Comment—Brad Davis?  Walt Williams was Mr Incredible. He single handedly turned the program around.

6TH Man.  Walt “The Wizard” Williams.  Again, probably an insult putting Williams as a 6THman rather than a starter.  He was an incredible college basketball player and so, so important to the University.  G-d bless “The Wizard”.

 All heart-toughness players.  Buck Williams, Juan Dixon, Steve Blake and Steve “The Bear” Sheppard.  I’ll never forget the game at N.C. State where Sheppard didn’t start because of a badly pulled muscle.  The Terps found themselves down 17-2 at the start of the game.  “The Bear” comes in dragging his injured leg and leads the Terps to an amazing victory.  Gotta love “The Bear”. Don’t forget Gene Shue and Bosey Berger

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Maryland Basketball
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  1. Brian Schwartz

    I was at MD during the Walt Williams era so I am partial to that crowd. However, I’d like to throw a shout out to Tom Roy as a candidate for the team. He is the best basketball player to ever come out of my home town in CT.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. freddy from boca

    If I remember correctly T

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  3. freddy from boca

    If I remember correctly Tom Roy was High School Player Of The Year. Wore #45 and played alongside Owen Brown.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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