Post Game Analysis—Cal 52 Terrapins 13

Whether you lose by 39 or 3 at the end of the day you are 0-1. No need to panic, especially becaue the ACC has proven itself to be so weak.

Da”Rel Scott amassed 90 yards including a 39 yard romp for a TD.

Overall I though QB1 (Turner) had a decent game.He was 17-30 with no ints.

What was so frustrating was all the early penalties. The formation call which reversed a touchdown  by the Ravens, was the back breaker.

Nick Ferrara was awesome last night, nailing both his field goal attempts. It looks lik we have our kicker for 4 years.

Until this offensive line problem settles, look for Turner to get in a deep shotgun. Turner did a nice job of using all his receivers.

The best thing about this game is that we don’t have to dwell on it with a big game coming up Saturday.

USC transfer Antwine Perez led the team with 8 tackles.

Ronnie Tyler and Adrian Cannon had some nice catches.

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  1. freddy from boca

    The positive. Ferrara, Scott, Tyler.
    Anyone wondering why Cal was a 21 point favorite and anyone wondering why most “experts” picked Maryland to have a losing season now have their answers. Maryland was out played, out hustled and out coached by Cal. Ralph says the offfensive line is a work in progress. To me they haven’t started work to be in progress yet. The much publicized aggressive defense which was suppose to confuse Cal because Maryland offense was always confused playing against it didn’t make the trip West. Cal destroyed the confusing Maryland defense for over 500 yards in the worse loss in an opening game for Maryland in over 100 years. That 100 years. How can Maryland have all summer to plan for this game and get humiliated like this. Last year the team played mediocre with 30 seniors..but for some reason the seniors hurt the team. This year the team is too young. Not enough 4th year redshirt juniors who come from the Eastern Shore. Too many of the wrong kind of seniors. Too many young players. Bad excuses, nothing more. If you are recruiting every year you should have an idea of what position players you need to have down the road. This year they have 9 receivers and no offensive line. Tell me why a team needs 9 receivers unless you are sending 3 men deep every play and going no huddle. Poor planning. How in the world do you have 2 walk ons as starters on the o line. Don’t forget last year’s o line wasn’t very good and most of the guys this year were back ups last year. Doesn’t speak to well about their ability. Maryland would have been better off scheduling Navy for the first game this year. They could have been humiliated without leaving the state. Think how much money they could have saved. I’m well aware this was the first game of the season but this was a joke. Bruce says they need to go into a deep shot gun formation. Forget the shot gun. Turner needs someone next to him with a machine gun to stop the opposing team’s defense. How in the world did Ralph win 30 games in 3 years with Vanderlinen’s players and go 32-26 with his players? What’s wrong here?

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. freddy from boca

    here’s why maryland was really good the first 3 yrs with ralph as head coach. charlie taaffe and gary blackney those 2 guys knew how to coach em up. since they left it’s been downhill. look how many players from maryland make it in the nfl but when they wear the red and while the overall team success is average. has to be the coaching. when these 2 guys departed maryland they left a void that has never been filled.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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